Living Series Collection

The Collection That Started It All

Our Living Series is the first collection of wine storage that Wine Racks America started with, and these wood racks are still among our top sellers, today! The collection has expanded over the years, and we now offer styles that will fit any room in your home. Learn more about which of these racks will


Glass Wine Cellar

Building a Wine Cellar for Your Business

Adding an element of prestige and sophistication, a well-curated wine cellar can enhance the reputation of any wine business or restaurant and attract customers who appreciate fine wines. Additionally, by providing proper storage, a wine cellar can improve the quality and longevity of your wines and allow for a wider selection of wines to be


Celebrating 20 Years

20 Years at Wine Racks America

20 Years of Innovation   For the last 20 years, Wine Racks America has continuously brought their customers the latest in wine storage innovation to help them create the perfect place to store their wine. Today, we’re celebrating our hard work with a trip down memory lane. 2003 – Wine Racks America opened for business


Wine coolers

The Ultimate Wine Cellar Cooling Guide

The History of Wine Cellar Cooling Units The history of wine cellar cooling units dates back to the early days of wine storage where wine was stored in caves or cellars that were naturally cool and had high humidity. Ancient Greeks and Romans stored wine and other beverages by digging ice pits into the ground


24 table top wine

Best Wine Racks of 2023

Wine enthusiasts know the significance of properly storing their cherished bottles of wine and champagne. A top-notch wine storage rack not only provides protection and organization for your collection but also elevates the appearance of your space. With the right wine cellar racking, you can ensure that your wine bottles are stored at the proper



What You May Not Know About Wine Rack Kits

Whether you’re working with a residential or commercial space, the word “kit” can sometimes ponder up images of something quite basic, and dare we say, boring. The idea of a wine rack kit may also make you hesitant if your space is unusually shaped or limited. This is where we come in—to change how you


Wine cellar design

Wine Cellar Design Trends for 2023

It’s the new year, which means out with the old and in with the latest modern wine cellar designs. In 2023, we are moving away from outdated and old-fashioned wine cellar designs. Now we are all about a sleek, modern, and contemporary style. Gone are the days of hiding our wine away in the wine


hanging wine glass rack

How Do You Hang Stemware?

Part of owning a wine collection is owning a range of quality stemware and caring for it. That means storing it properly and safely for your next wine-tasting gathering. How you store your wine glasses is important, and here’s how you do it.   The Importance of Wine Glass Storage Wine glass storage is very


glass wine cellar

Tips for Protecting Your Wine Collection During Cold Weather

Cold weather and wine are not as good a pairing as cheese and wine. This is why it is imperative that you know how to store and protect your wine during the colder weather. In this article, you will learn the best wine collection tips and how to store wine during cold weather.   Cold


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