Under stairs wine storage

The Under-Stairs Wine Storage Trend: What You Should Know

Between choosing a location, setting up the racking and designing an overall aesthetic, there’s a lot to consider when designing a wine cellar. One popular recent trend is the concept of under-stairs wine storage. It’s a clever, space-smart idea that can turn an overlooked spot into a classy, practical feature. Why You Should Consider Adding



7 Refreshing Wine Cocktails for Summer

Get your taste buds in the summer spirit with these seven bright and punchy wine cocktails. Whether you reach for red or white, we have you covered with the perfect summer wine drinks for relaxing poolside or catching the setting sun. From a tongue-tickling White Wine Mojito to a citrusy Cabernet Cobbler, these refreshing wine


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How Does Humidity Affect Wine?

The winemaking process is full of subtle complexity, with all sorts of variables that can be adjusted to craft a truly unique result. Even after the wine is bottled, it’s still sensitive to some of these variables. If you want to preserve the true quality and flavor of the wines you choose, you’ll need to


Creating a Custom Wine Storage and Wine Cellar

Wine Cellars vs. Wine Coolers: What’s the Difference?

Wine must be kept away from humidity and temperature fluctuations, as well as light and vibration to keep it from spoiling. Wine cellars and wine coolers are often discussed as the best ways to store wine. Though many use the two terms interchangeably, there are actually many differences between the two. What Is a Wine


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A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Wine: Everything You Need to Know

Collecting wine is both an excellent investment and an extremely rewarding hobby. From laying down your favorite vintages to watching them improve in flavor (and value) over time, wine collecting is a rare hobby that pays for itself in both money and enjoyment—and the earlier you start, the better. In this guide, we’ll review how


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7 Common Wine Cellar Design Mistakes

After years of settling for premature wines and expensive vintages, it’s finally time to build and enjoy your very own wine cellar storage. While designing and building a wine cellar is very exciting, there are also some very important design factors to consider—many of which are often overlooked. Before you break ground or lay down



The Ideal Wine Storage and Serving Temperatures

Storing and serving wine at the ideal temperature can completely change your experience with your favorite varietals. Below we’ll cover everything you need to know, from maintaining optimal storage conditions to how long to chill your wine before serving. Let’s start with storage. What Temperature Should Wine Be Stored At? Wine storage temperature is one


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Does Every Wine Cellar Need a Cooling Unit?

The best way to secure your fine wine collection for proper aging is to create the perfect storage environment. Wines thrive in dark places where the light cannot hit them directly and with medium to high humidity. However, the temperature is also an essential consideration. If your wine cellar already has the ideal temperature and


Basement wine cellar

Do You Have to Have a Basement to Have a Wine Cellar?

Wine cellars used to be reserved only for houses with enough underground space to create a proper aging environment. However, as a fine wine collection became more popular among homeowners, having a cellar at home has become more accessible. So, do you need a basement to have your own cellar? Traditionally, wine cellars were built


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