Under the Stairs Wine Storage

Transforming the Unused Space: Under-the-Stairs Wine Storage Solutions

In the never-ending effort to create the perfect home, every inch of space matters. A lot of us find ourselves with that awkward under-the-stairs area. Do you shove it full of holiday decor boxes or add a coat rod and use ¼ of the available space? Simple answer, no! 

For wine lovers, the space beneath the stairs offers an intriguing opportunity for storing your cherished bottles. You have the option to simply incorporate our ready-to-use wine storage kits designed for under-the-stairs spaces. Alternatively, you can measure your space and create a combination specific to your wants and needs. In short, that often overlooked under-the-stairs area holds far more potential than you might have realized for wine storage solutions.

Considerations for Adding Under the Stairs Wine Storage

Transforming a closet into wine storage requires meticulous planning and execution to ensure your cherished bottles are preserved in optimal conditions while also creating an inviting space. The considerations for adding under-the-stairs wine storage encompass various facets, from lighting and temperature control to shelving and door options. First and foremost, consider the lighting ambiance. Natural light should be minimized to prevent UV damage to the wine, while strategically placed LED lights can enhance the visual appeal of the space and make it easier to navigate. Temperature control is paramount, as fluctuations can adversely affect the quality of the wine. Installing a temperature-controlled cooling system ensures that your wine is stored at the ideal temperature range, typically between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIY Your Own Under-the-Stairs Storage Solutions

Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing wine storage area not only adds value to your home but also to your wine enjoyment. Start by measuring your space, then explore our diverse selection of racks. We’ve categorized them by size to make your choice easier, allowing you to mix and match for the perfect fit.

Consider a typical under-the-stairs closet with standard dimensions of 84 inches in height, 24 inches in depth, and 72 inches in width. ​​With our InstaCellar™ collection, you could select the 8 Column High-Reveal Rack for the upper section, a Diamond Cube Bin for the base, and complete it with elegant Crown and Base Molding. Choose the wood, stain and accompanying design elements, like wallpaper, to make your space.

 For a larger under-the-stairs area, you might consider a more expansive wine storage system. Our InstaCellar™ 10 column Waterfall rack is perfect for the main wall, paired with a 2 Column Corner Display Row Rack, and rounded off with a 6 Column Standard Rack. The provided images illustrate how these components can be combined seamlessly to transform and enhance your space.

Need a more personalized touch? Our team of Cellar Design Specialists is ready to help. Provide your space’s dimensions and your storage needs, and they’ll craft a unique system, ensuring a perfect fit for your home’s style and space, delivered in 3-4 weeks once your order is placed.

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Label-forward Wine Racks

For those who prefer to display their wine collection label-forward, we offer sleek options like Vintage View's sleek Wine Wall Metal Racks, and the versatile Vino Series Wine Bottle Wall Pins. The Wine Wall racks are designed for creating uninterrupted, label-forward displays, while the Vino Series Wall Pins offer greater flexibility in positioning while still showcasing your wine bottles with the label visible.

Opt for the CellarVue™ Showcase Displays for an all-in-one solution, combining ease of installation with stylish design.

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Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Whether you're dealing with a snug space beneath the stairs or planning to allocate just a portion of that area for wine storage, wall-mounted racks are an excellent choice. They maximize your under-the-stairs area, keeping the floor clear and creating an eye-catching display. The Vintage View Vino Pins and W Series Racks, along with our InstaCellar™ Wooden 10 Column Waterfall rack, offer versatile and visually appealing solutions.

Opt for simplicity with the Vintage View Under-the-Stairs Kit – your hassle-free solution.

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Benefits of Storing Wine Under the Stairs

Storing wine under the stairs offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides a dark and cool environment, which is ideal for wine storage as it helps to maintain the wine's flavor and quality over time. The consistent temperature and minimal exposure to light help prevent premature aging and spoilage of the wine. Additionally, utilizing the space under the stairs maximizes storage capacity in your home without taking up valuable living space. It's a clever and efficient way to store your wine collection while keeping it easily accessible for enjoyment whenever you desire. Lastly, the under-stairs area often offers a stable environment with low humidity fluctuations, further safeguarding your wine investment and ensuring optimal aging conditions.

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Imagine the transformation you could make - a once-forgotten space now a focal point in your space, protecting your favorite wines. Shop our Best-Selling racks and connect with our Cellar Design Specialists to start your under-the-stairs wine storage transformation today!

Complimentary Cellar Design Services

Complimentary Design Services

Let our skilled designers bring your dream wine storage solution to life. With over 20 years of experience, our team is passionate about creating the perfect design just for you.

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