Contemporary design combining metal and wood, Millesime Floating Bottle Wine Racks are especially made to highlight your wine bottles from every angle.

Millesime Floating Wine Racks

Take your wine storage to the next level with Millesime modern floating wine racks, these innovative floating wine racks eliminate the necessity for wall space, allowing you to create a completely modular floating wine rack display virtually anywhere, no matter if you want to apply in residential or commercial settings. These contemporary floating wine racks are designed to properly store your bottles horizontally, while also creating a visually appealing way to showcase your collection and bottle’s labels. Advance your space with a floating wine rack system that gives your collection a unique perspective that stands out.

8 popular configurations
Available in 8 popular configurations
10 widths & 10 heights
Choose from 10 widths & 10 heights
walnut or acrylic accents
Gorgeous walnut or acrylic accents
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    Wood + Metal

    Contemporary Design

    Contemporary Wood and Metal Wine Racks
    Millesime Wine Racks

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    Are floating metal wine racks easy to install?

    Most definitely! Millesime floating wine racks offer straightforward installation. They come with clear assembly instructions and all the necessary hardware, guaranteeing a hassle-free setup experience that demands minimal effort from you.

    Are floating wine racks sturdy?

    The Millesime floating wine racks are not only sturdy but also crafted with durability in mind. The Millesime floor-to-ceiling floating storage systems stand out for their robust construction using high-quality steel and can be mounted from either the wall or ceiling. This ensures long-lasting support and stability for your valuable wine collection, giving you peace of mind knowing your wines are securely stored for years to come.

    How many bottles can fit on a floating wine rack?

    The bottle storage capacity of our Millesime floating wine racks varies. The minimum capacity of a single Millesime floating wine rack is 40 bottles, and it increases as you select deeper depths or combine multiple racks to build a more expansive storage system.