Stact Wine Racks

Modern wine racks reinvented for contemporary living.

Stact Modern Wine Racks

STACT isn’t just a wine rack, it’s an ingenious work of art that displays your wine using sleek modern materials and an artist’s touch.

Modern wine storage
Beautiful modern finishes
Steel Rods
Aircraft-grade aluminum parts
Wood & Metal Storage Displays
Sleek & exotic materials
Modular wine kit design
Modular design scales easily for any project
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    STACT - Add A Little Color To Your Life!

    STACT Wine Wall Rack Design Services for Wine Cellars

    Complimentary Wine Cellar Design Services

    Looking to design your dream wine cellar? Contact our expert design team who are ready to assist you in creating the ideal wine storage solution for your space and budget.

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    Stact Wine Rack Inspiration

    STACT Frequently Asked Questions

    Are STACT Racks suitable for displaying all wine bottle sizes?

    STACT Racks can accommodate different wine bottle sizes such as standard, Magnum, and Champagne bottles, offering versatility for various collections.

    Can STACT Racks be mounted on different types of walls?

    STACT Racks offer versatile mounting options, allowing installation on different wall types such as drywall, concrete, wood, or metal.

    Are the STACT Racks easy to assemble?

    STACT Racks are designed to be easily assembled and include clear instructions and all necessary hardware for straightforward installation.

    Can I choose from different finishes and colors for the STACT Racks?

    STACT Racks are available in various finishes and colors, enabling you to choose the one that perfectly matches your interior decor.