Liquor Storage

Storage for wine and liquor collections

Liquor Storage

Ensure your liquor collection remains in good condition and is ready to enjoy with our handmade liquor racks that store, display, and help preserve your liquor collection. Storing liquor in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight can help maintain a consistent temperature, which can help with the aging of certain spirits while also preventing the liquor from spoiling. Our liquor storage racks are modular kits that can be pieced together to form the perfect storage solution for any room. They can also can mix-and-match with the InstaCellar and CellarVue collections for the perfect combination of wine and spirit storage.

Mix and Match
Mix-and-match InstaCellar & CellarVue racks
Showcase your best bottles
Showcase your best bottles - wine & liquor
Wood & Metal Storage Displays
High-quality wood & steel rods
Six finish colors or unstained
Six finish colors or unstained
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    Liquor storage is key to keeping your home bar organized and easily accessible. Similar to wine storage, liquor storage cabinets require proper storage solutions to maintain the quality and longevity of your spirits. While there are specialized home bar liquor storage racks available in the market, wine racks can also be used for liquor bottle storage.

    Our home bar liquor cabinets are a versatile storage solution for all types of spirits and their accessories. Liquor racking not only helps organize bottles but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the storage area. Additionally, if you require wine storage, you can combine our liquor racks with any InstaCellar™ rack to create a DIY liquor storage system. If you’re looking for liquor storage ideas browse our collection to build out your perfect storage solution and display.

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    Looking to design your dream wine cellar? Contact our expert design team who are ready to assist you in creating the ideal wine storage solution for your space and budget.

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    Liquor Rack Frequently Asked Questions

    What materials are used for your products?

    To make our InstaCellar, CellarVue, Living Series and Retail Wine Rack series, we source Ponderosa Pine from the Pacific Northwest, Premium Redwoood from managed forests in California and Oregon and Grand Mahogany from FSC certified plantations in South America.

    What finish colors do you offer?

    Wine Racks America-made products are available in WineSafe™ oak, cherry, walnut, burgundy, grey and black stains as well as a beautiful secondary satin finish.

    Can I customize the size of the wine rack to fit my cellar space?

    The CellarVue collection offers personalized options designed to suit your unique needs. With a wide selection of sizes and configurations, you can find the perfect fit for your cellar or storage area.

    Can CellarVue wine racks be used in both commercial and residential settings?

    The CellarVue wine racks are versatile and suitable for residential and commercial use, including restaurants, wine bars, and wine stores.

    Is assembly required for these wine racks, and how easy are they to install?

    Certain wine racks may require some assembly, while others come fully assembled. We provide installation instructions that are user-friendly.

    How long does assembly take?

    Budget around 10-30 minutes for assembling any Wine Racks America wood product. Some products may require assembly and mounting to a wall or surface. Check the Owner’s manual or assembly guide for manufacturer recommendations.