Metal Wine Cellar Design

Metal Wine Cellar Design Ideas

Metal wine racks and complete metal wine storage systems have steadily grown in popularity for the last twenty years or so. As manufacturing technology has improved, the array of metal wine racking styles available to consumers has grown along with it. Today, low-profile metal wine racks are often paired with glass panels and wine room doors to create highly visual, label-forward wine displays that offer a completely new way to view and enjoy your wine.

Metal wine racks have also become the material of choice for modern and contemporary settings such as home cellars, restaurants, wineries and other hospitality-based operations. In addition to the long-standing favorite basic black, metal wine racks are now commonly available in brushed nickel, chrome, polished black and even specialty finishes like bronze and gunmetal. Due to their extreme durability, with metal wine racks you can store just a few bottles wall-mounted in your kitchen or outfit an entire climate-controlled wine cellar that will be a forever-home for your whole collection.


When it comes to enjoying your new metal wine racks, the first step is getting them installed properly. Installing wall mounted wine racks can be a little tricky, but with the right tools (a drill with a driver bit and a quality level being the most important) you will be unloading cases into your new racks in no time.

A two-person crew is highly recommended while you get started with the installation process. Getting the wall templates square, laying the first wine rack against the wall, and getting everything started off properly is easier with two people and will ensure you get a nice clean installation on your first try. Luckily, Vintage View wine racks has invested in Bilt instructions, which are highly visual video tutorials that really remove all the guesswork involved in the installation.