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DIY wine cellar kits – store 10-10,000 bottles. Hundreds of sizes for novice or professional collectors.


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Innovative metal wall racks in multiple configurations

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Minimalist design that focuses on individual bottle presentation

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Floor-to-ceiling double sided frames for hanging racks up to 10′ high

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Horizontal bottle displays featuring acrylic panels and metal rods

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Modular high-density wine displays for retail and hospitality

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Wine Room Cooling Units

We are wine cooling experts, here to help you choose the right system

You need more than the “HVAC guy’s” opinion when selecting the proper system for aging your precious wine. Call today for a fast and free professional analysis that will assure you buy the right system for you

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We strive to make it simple, easy and affordable to find and purchase the perfect wine rack or cellar system. Our customer service and fulfillment systems are designed to respect your precious time by allowing easy order placement and timely, efficient response to any sized order, client or customer request.

We know when it comes to displaying your wine collection, quality counts. That is why we hand-make all of our wood wine storage products in the USA and focus on treating our employees like family. Thank you for visiting and supporting American manufacturing!


Wine Racks America is the most extensively reviewed wine storage company in the USA

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Founded in 2003, Wine Racks America has evolved from a two car garage where we made small wood racks for beginning collectors into America’s premier manufacturer and distributor of quality knock down wine storage kits, DIY cellar systems, wine cooling units, innovative label-forward racking and fully custom cellar creations. Our amazing staff is trained to provide useful advice, helpful best-practices and personalized insights to anyone wishing to store, age or display their wine.

Our mission statement includes ongoing investment in our valued family of employees, partners and suppliers. Our goal is to inspire a top-down culture of constant improvement wherein each individual strives to give an honest effort, be a good person and play the best at the end of each day.

It is truly our pleasure to serve you. Contact our team today at 1-888-373-6057.


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