Through-Wall Cooling Systems

Flexible cost effective cooling units

Through-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Through-wall cooling units are all-in-one, self contained systems that cycle air throughout the wine cellar and exhaust heat from the back. Through the wall units are the most cost effective option for many collectors as they require less space than split systems. Most all-in-ones will require a power source and somewhere to drain condensate to.

Flexible systems for 100-2,000 cubic feet
Flexible systems for 100-2,000 cubic feet
Powerful quiet operation
Powerful quiet operation
Space-saving Design
Most economical option for smaller collections
Interior use ducted all-in-ones
Ducting options available on most models
    30 products
    1800XT Wine Cooling System
    from $1,850.00
    3200VSx Wine Cooling System
    SC Pro 8000i
    SC Pro 4000i
    SC Pro 3000i
    SC Pro 2000i
    Extreme 8000ti
    Extreme 5000ti
    Extreme 3500ti
    018 TTW Wine Cooling Unit w/Heater
    018 TTW Wine Cooling Unit
    009 TTW Wine Cooling Unit w/Heater
    009 TTW Wine Cooling Unit
    8200VSx Cooling System
    8200VSi Cooling System
    6200VSx Cooling System
    6200VSi Cooling System
    4200VSx Wine Cooling System
    4200VSi Wine Cooling System
    3200VSi Wine Cooling System
    2000VSx Wine Cooling System
    2000VSi Wine Cooling System
    Houdini 1800H Glass Enclosed Cooler
    Slimline LS (Luxury Series)
    CX4400 Wine Cooling Unit
    CX3300 Wine Cooling Unit
    CX2200 Wine Cooling Unit
    1800XTSX Wine Cooling System
    1800XTS Wine Cooling System
    from $2,050.00
    1800QT Wine Cooling System
    1800QT Wine Cooling System
    from $1,850.00

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