Cost-effective cooling units for many applications, from small wine rooms to large cellars

Through-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Through-wall cooling units are all-in-one, self-contained systems that cycle air throughout the wine cellar and exhaust heat from the back. Through-the-wall units are the most cost-effective option for many collectors as they require less space than split systems. Most all-in-ones will require a power source and somewhere to drain condensate to.

Flexible systems for 100-2,000 cubic feet
Flexible systems for 100-2,000 cubic feet
Powerful quiet operation
Powerful quiet operation
Space-saving Design
Most economical option for smaller collections
Interior use ducted all-in-ones
Ducting options available on most models
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    Through-Wall System FAQs

    What is a through-wall cooling unit?

    Through-the-wall wine cooling units are self-contained cooling systems that exhaust warm air outside. These systems are cost effective and take up less space than a split system. Through-the-wall units are sometimes installed on an exterior wall, which allows for easy ventilation outdoors. They can also vent into a larger room within the building.

    Most all-in-ones will require a power source and somewhere to drain condensate to; however, ducting options are available for most through-the-wall cooling units, which makes it possible to install them on an interior wall.

    What are the advantages of a through-the-wall cooling unit?

    Through-the-wall cellar cooling units are relatively easy to install for handy homeowners and DIYers, and they’re typically less expensive than split or ducted wine cooling systems.

    They’re also very flexible. Depending on the model you choose, a through-the-wall wine cooling unit can cool a space as small as 100 cubic feet or as large as 2,000 cubic feet.

    Which brand is best for through-the-wall wine room cooling units?

    In the US there are fewer than a dozen companies who make commercial and residential wine cooler systems that are designed for long-term wine storage. Three of the leading companies are WhisperKOOL, Wine Guardian, and CellarPro.

    These reputable companies are known for their commitment to quality, which is why Wine Racks America carries their products. Each of these manufacturers offers through-wall cooling units. Our team is glad to help you pick the best one for your wine room or cellar.

    What is the difference between a through-wall cooling unit and a split unit?

    Through-wall wine cellar cooling units are self-contained, much like wall a/c units in homes and apartments—but with a much sleeker design. Through-wall wine cellar cooling units exhaust outside if placed on an exterior wall. However, many through-wall wine coolers can be ducted, allowing you to place the unit on an interior wall.

    Split cellar coolers have two parts: an interior evaporation unit and an exterior condenser. These systems can cool a space from 500-3,000 cubic feet, depending on the model and configuration of your cellar. If there are multiple rooms within your cellar or obstructions that restrict the flow of air in one or more parts of the room, you may need multiple split system cooling units.

    What is the difference between a through-wall cooling unit and a ducted system?

    Through-the-wall wine coolers are self-contained, which means all the components are contained within the system. It’s why they’re also sometimes called “all-in-one” or “single-piece” units. These units vent into an adjacent room or outside the building and typically have both a cooling and heating option. If you are storing wine in a place with freezing winters, look for a through-the-wall unit that provides both heating and cooling.  

    As the name suggests, ducted cooling systems work by gently circulating air through insulated ductwork. These units can be installed anywhere, including above or below the wine cellar or wine room. Ducted systems can cool a room of up to 1,500 cubic feet. For larger spaces, you may need more than one unit. 

    Qualified DIYers may be able to install a ducted system on their own; however, professional installation by a qualified HVAC contractor is recommended, due to the size of these systems.

    Which type of cooling system is best for my wine cellar?

    Which type of system is best for your wine cellar will depend on several factors, including:

    • The size of your space (cubic feet)
    • Whether the existing space has insulation and a vapor barrier
    • How much traffic the space will get
    • Where the wine cellar is located, which will affect where warm air exhausts

    Our team will help you choose the best type of cooling system for your wine cellar, whether it’s a through-the-wall unit, a split system wine cooler, or a ducted system.