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Keep bottles chilled and ready to serve anywhere, from the kitchen to the bar.

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Small Wine Fridges & Coolers

Small wine fridges are the perfect storage solution for small wine collections or keeping a handful of bottles chilled at serving temperatures. Wine Racks America offers a range of small wine coolers for both built-in and freestanding applications. Choose from a variety of styles, with different finishes and features to match your décor.

    3 products
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    Small Wine Fridge FAQs

    What is a small-capacity wine fridge?

    Also known as a mini wine fridge, most small-capacity wine coolers hold anywhere from 12-36 bottles. Small wine fridges are popular in residential kitchens and bars as well as hotels, restaurants, and wine bars.

    These space-saving wine coolers make it easy to have wine wherever you need it, saving you a trip into a larger wine room or cellar. Small wine fridges are ideal for bringing a few bottles to proper serving temperature, but they can also be used to store bottles longer term—especially if you choose a model with multiple temperature zones.

    Why should I buy a small wine fridge?

    Mini wine fridges are perfect for wine enthusiasts with small collections and those who don’t have much space to store wine. They make a great addition to home bars, man-caves, she-sheds, entertainment rooms, guest houses, and more. And small wine refrigerators are compact by design, which makes them easy to transport if you move.

    A small-capacity wine cooler is an ideal option for homeowners who love to entertain. Select wines for upcoming dinner parties or evenings at home without having to search your main wine cellar.

    Can a small wine fridge go in the space of a trash compactor?

    Yes, in fact this is one of the most common applications. Many small wine refrigerators are sized to fit into the space of an old trash compactor—appliances that have gone out of style.

    Adding a small wine fridge to your home is a great way to boost its value. Most small-capacity wine fridges have glass doors with UV protection, allowing you to show off your wine without risking spoilage. These stylish appliances become part of the décor in your home kitchen or bar.

    Many small wine coolers exhaust in the front, which makes it possible to recess the unit into existing cabinetry, for a seamless look. In situations where it’s impossible to install a small wine fridge under the counter, a freestanding unit is a good alternative.

    Do small wine fridges have multiple temperature zones?

    Some small-capacity wine fridges are dual zone. This means they have two independent temperature zones, allowing you to store different varietals simultaneously. 

    You can use one zone for keeping whites and rosés at serving temperature, for example, while using the other compartment for storing reds.

    Can I use a small wine fridge to store food?

    You should not keep food inside a wine cooler, which is too warm for most foods. Standard kitchen refrigerators are set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, while wines are stored at temperatures between 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The temperature inside a wine fridge is too warm for meat, eggs, dairy, and even produce. Storing food at higher temperatures can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, which can make people ill. It’s also inadvisable to store wine and food together, as food odors can permeate a wine bottle’s cork and affect the taste of the wine.

    What’s the difference between a small wine fridge and a beverage cooler?

    A wine refrigerator is specifically designed for wine storage, with special racks that cradle bottles. Some models even include rubber bottle tray supports that help minimize vibration. 

    Beverage coolers are not designed for wine. They usually cool down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for water, soda, or beer, but too cold for wine. Beverage fridges have flat shelves that accommodate a variety of bottle shapes, but they’re not designed for wine. 

    To properly cool and store wine, you should not rely on a beverage cooler. Instead, invest in a small wine fridge.