Preferred Partner Program

Building a network of trusted partners to help our customers bring their wine and liquor storage systems to life.

Preferred Partner Benefits

Our goal is to build a community of partners in the design, build, and install sectors that our customers can turn to with creating their dream wine and liquor storage systems. Ultimately provide you, the pros, with additional projects and our customers with trusted professionals to help build out their wine and liquor haven.

Discount Pricing Opportunities
Customer Project Referrals
Marketing Amplification
Dedicated Team Support

Cellar Designers

A network of creative designers trusted with creating beautiful and functional wine and liquor storage systems.

Preferred Builders

A network of trusted builders and contractors known for incorporating wine storage into homes.

Trusted Installers

A network of professional installers that can assist in configuring and installing your wine and liquor storage in your home, stress free.

Already a Preferred Partner?

If you are a Preferred Partner and ready to submit a Design Request, please use the link below.