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Storage for Your Wine - Knowing What Size Wine Rack You Need

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We Specialize In Wine Racks For All Bottle Sizes

Wine Racks America produces wine racking for any bottle style, from split to magnum, and specialty racking for 3L Jeroboams and carboys.

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Use our standard wine cellar racking, or cubes & bins.

Best Wine Racking System Based on Bottle Size and Dimensions

A wine racking system should be able to accommodate a variety of wine bottle sizes, from splits to magnums to turleys.

The wine bottle size chart on this page shows the wide variation in wine bottle shapes and sizes. Standard wine bottles are approximately 3-3.2 inches in diameter and around 12 inches tall, while champagne bottles are slightly fatter and taller. Bordeauxs and cabs have a pronounced shoulder, while large pinot and champagne bottles have a long neck and slender shoulder.

Given the diversity of wine bottle sizes, you’ll want to choose a racking system that can accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Our modular racking systems are perfect for the job.

All our racking systems are designed to comfortably store most standard 750ml bottles, and we offer specialty racks for larger champagne bottles, magnums, and splits. Cubes and bins are another option—perfect for storing a wide variety of bottle types and sizes.

All our racking systems are designed to withstand the temperature and humidity conditions in a wine room or cellar.

Choosing a Material

Choosing a material comes down to your aesthetic preferences and goals. Wood wine racks are traditional and timeless, while metal racking systems are sleek and modern.

Wood Wine Racks

We offer a variety of high-quality wood options, including:

  • Ponderosa Pine: Ponderosa pine is a durable softwood with a clean-looking finish. We use furniture-grade ponderosa pine sourced from the Pacific Northwest.
  • Knotty Alder: The all-American hardwood of choice, alder wood is easy to mill and stain. Known for its unique character, knotty alder wine racks create an eye-catching display. The alder wood we use is grown and harvested in the USA.
  • Premium Redwood: This beautiful, mildew-resistant wood species is native to the west coast of North America. Unparalleled in appeal, redwood looks amazing in wine cellars. Note: Redwood is not available for certain InstaCellar and CellarVue cabinet products.
  • Grand Mahogany: This straight-grained hardwood has pink to light-brown coloration and makes beautiful wine racks. Our mahogany is FSC certified and sustainably farmed in South America. Note: Mahogany is not available for certain Living Series products.

We also offer a wide range of wood stains to suit any décor, including oak, cherry, walnut, as well as black, burgundy, and greywash (stain options may vary by product).

Protect Your Investment with WineSafe™

WineSafe™ is a  low-VOC sealant formulated with our proprietary water-based recipe. Unlike chemical-based alternatives, our water-based solution doesn’t penetrate deeply into the wood, ensuring the protection of your valuable wine collection.

Metal Wine Racks

Contemporary wall-mounted, freestanding, and decorative metal wine racks are truly in a category of their own. From wall-to-wall floating bottle and label-forward displays to tabletop options, metal wine racks are clean, polished, and sleek. Perfect for showing off your prized vintages.

We offer a huge range of metal wine rack options in an array of sizes, finishes, and configurations, from reputable names like VintageView.

Metal wine racks are durable, long-lasting, and affordably priced. They hold your bottles securely and make good use of space without compromising style. In fact, metal racking systems are among our most popular items for both residential and commercial applications.

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