Wine Stemware Racks

Store your wine stemware in style with these wine stemware racks

Stemware Racks

Store stemware and add to your cellar’s decor with a graceful stemware and wine glass rack. Our wine racks for glasses are designed to be installed between two opposing surfaces and attach with four simple wood screws. Ships fully assembled.

Store up to 12 wine glasses
Store up to 12 wine glasses
Choose from racks, bins & cabinets
Add over any 6, 8 or 10 column tasting table
Modular wine kit design
Integrates with InstaCellar or CellarVue
Ships to your door ready to install
Ships fully assembled
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    Stemware Racks: Beauty Meets Function

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    Stemware Racks FAQs

    Are wine glass racks easy to install?

    Our wine glass wall racks are designed to be installed between two opposing surfaces (rather than under a cabinet). Each rack comes fully assembled and attaches with four simple screws. In most cases, it takes just minutes to install our wall racks for wine glasses.

    How many wine glasses can a stemware rack hold?

    In general, hanging stemware storage racks hold between 6 and 12 glasses, sometimes more.

    Our stemware racks by InstaCellar hold up to 12 glasses and can be installed over any 6, 8, or 10-column tasting table.

    What are the benefits of hanging wine glass racks?

    Wine glass storage racks are practically a must for any wine cellar or wine room. Wine racks let you showcase your favorite stemware, and hanging glasses upside down promotes good air circulation. This prevents dust and debris from settling inside your stemware. It also helps prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

    Can I hang any kind of wine glass?

    Wine glasses with thicker stems and durable bases can be hung. Glasses with delicate stems may be too delicate for hanging racks. To prevent breakage, it’s best to store delicate stemware inside a cabinet or in their original packaging. Just be sure to ensure wine glasses are completely dry before storing them in packaging to prevent mold formation.

    Can racks be installed under a cabinet?

    Under-cabinet wine glass racks are available on the market. The stemware racks we carry, however, are designed to be installed between two opposing surfaces and integrate with InstaCellar and CellarVue.