WhisperKOOL™ Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Whisper quiet wine storage cooling systems

WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Units

From their award winning all-in-one units to industrial air handlers, WhisperKOOL cooling systems are designed exclusively for maintaining the ideal wine storage environment. Wine requires a consistent temperature for optimal aging, as temperature affects the rate of maturation during the aging process.

Quiet & efficient operation
Ultra-quiet cellar cooling
Advanced temp controls
Advanced temp controls
Large room cooling solutions
Cool 10-10,000 cubic feet
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    33 products
    Platinum Split Twin (Ductless)
    Condensate Pump Kit
    SC Pro 8000i
    SC Pro 4000i
    SC Pro 3000i
    SC Pro 2000i
    Extreme 8000tiR Ducted
    Extreme 8000ti
    Extreme 5000tiR Ducted
    Extreme 5000ti
    Extreme 3500tiR Ducted
    Extreme 3500ti
    Slimline LS (Luxury Series)
    Extreme ti Ducting Collar
    from $331.00
    SC Exterior Housing Grille
    from $284.00
    SC Series Duct Kit
    from $620.00
    Quantum Series SS9000
    Quantum Series SS12000
    Platinum Mini Split System
    Platinum Split Twin (Ducted)
    8000 Platinum Split (Ducted)
    8000 Platinum Split (Ductless)
    4000 Platinum Split (Ducted)
    4000 Platinum Split (Ductless)
    Phantom 8000 Fully Ducted
    Phantom 5000 Fully Ducted
    Phantom 3500 Fully Ducted
    Extreme ti Exterior Grille
    from $305.00
    Mini Ceiling Mount
    Ceiling Mount Twin Split 9000
    Ceiling Mount 8000
    Ceiling Mount Split 4000
    Ceiling Mount Twin Split 12000

    Coolers For Any Sized Wine Room

    Basement Wine Cellar with Wood Wine Racks

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