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    Metal Wine Rack Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best metal wine racks?

    If you’re looking for metal wine rack ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Wine Racks America is a leading provider of freestanding and wall-mounted metal wine rack products. Buyers choose metal wine racks based on several criteria. A lot of buyers prefer wine racks made of metal because they are so sturdy and long-lasting. As a building material, metal is very consistent and predictable, as well as being relatively inexpensive.

    The best metal wine storage racks hold your bottle securely and make the best use of the space you are storing your wine in. Dense metal racking makes up a lot of commercial and retail racking and is popular because it stands up to a lot of use and abuse. The best metal wine racks for home décor come from reputable manufacturers like Vintage View. These companies produce a huge variety of specialty cork-forward and label-forward wall-mounted metal wine racks as well as metal wine racks that are freestanding, plus floor-to-ceiling mounted styles.

    How much do metal wine racks cost?

    The cost of a metal wine rack depends on what type of steel is used in the fabrication of the rack, how “decorative” the rack is as opposed to just utility-type storage, what type of finish you want (options range from less expensive powder-coated black to more expensive brushed nickel, bronze, or chrome) for your metal wine holder, and whether you’ll have to customize the racking in order to fit the space you’ve got.

    Metal wine racking is a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood racking, is long lasting and exceptionally durable. In general, metal wine racking starts at about $5 per bottle, or $60 for each case of wine you want to store. The per-bottle costs will start to rise if you want a more expensive finish or custom sizing. Most high-volume manufacturers of metal wine rack stands and wall-mounted units import their finished products from China, India or Mexico, although some smaller companies are specializing in the high-end production of metal and steel wine racking in the US and Canada.

    Where do you hang a wine rack?

    Most wall-mount metal wine racking is secured directly to your walls using various types of hardware and can be hung on virtually any surface or substrate, including sheetrock, stone veneer, tile or other masonry, natural rock, concrete, or even solid metal. Wall-mounted metal wine racks come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. You can hang a metal wall wine rack just about anywhere and create installations that are only limited by your imagination, budget, and the size of your wine collection. Popular locations for hanging metal wine racks include wine rooms and wine cellars, either featured by themselves or paired with other racking styles including wood wine cubes, wine cabinetry, or other contrasting racking styles. Outside of the wine cellar, many of our customers hang their metal wine racks in dining areas, kitchens, pantries, or under the stairs. The most popular trend in mounted metal wine racking is to create a glass-enclosed “jewel box” wine storage area using framed glass panels and hang metal racks inside on floor-to-ceiling frames. This creates a “floating” wine display that maximizes label visibility and the visual enjoyment of your wine collection.

    How do you secure a wine rack to a wall?

    Securing your metal wine cabinet or wine racking to a wall will vary in simplicity with the type of mounting surface. Attaching a wood or metal wine rack to a wall is no different than attaching other wall mount items such as shelving or TV mounts.

    In general, buyers use whatever combination of sheetrock anchors, 2″ to 2 1/2″ wood screws, masonry attachments, molly bolts, L brackets, furring strips, and shims to rough in, prep and mount their wine racks to a wall. Each racking style is a little different, and most manufacturers will include basic hardware for attaching or securing your wine rack to a wall.

    Are metal wine racks as good as wood?

    Both wood and metal are great materials for fashioning wine racks and each building material presents unique pros and cons. In addition to the differences in the raw building materials, customer satisfaction can also hinge on what type of aesthetic is achieved with various styles of wood and metal racks. As a measure of “good”, both materials are durable, relatively lightweight, can be shipped easily as flat-packed kits, are readily available, relatively inexpensive and come in a wide variety of styles that make achieving the exact look you are after a manageable goal. One consideration regarding using wood as a building material in your wine cellar is in the area of customization. If you are trying to create a one-of-a-kind cellar or high end built-in wine storage area, wood racking is often the material of choice due to its highly adaptable nature which allows it to be sized, finished to match and customized to fit more easily than most metal wine racking.

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