Wine Fridges

Wine Fridges

Single and Multi-Zone Wine Fridges from WineGuardian, Summit, and Transtherm.

Wine Fridges

At Wine Racks America, we offer small to large wine fridge options from Transtherm and Summit Wine Fridges that can be utilized as stand alone units or built-in wine fridges that can seamlessly blend into your cabinetry for easy access.

Temperature alarm for worry-free storage
Sliding shelves provide easy bottle access
Temperature alarm for worry-free storage
Temperature alarm for worry-free storage
Stores bottles & stemware
Store multiple bottle types in one unit
UV-resistant glass prevents spoilage
UV-resistant glass prevents spoilage
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    About Wine Fridges

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    The Best Wine Refrigeration Systems


    • Capacity – Not all wine coolers are built equally. Before choosing a wine fridge or cooling system, check that it can keep all the bottles in your collection at optimal temperature.
    • Temperature Range – Not only should a wine fridge store wine at optimal temperature, but it should also allow you to adjust the temperature to compensate for changes in the weather and season.
    • Humidity Control – A powerful wine cooling system should give you control over its humidity levels to ensure your collection’s corks don’t dry out.
    • Size and Design – Choose between freestanding or built-in wine fridges to best match your style, then be sure to measure your space before choosing a wine fridge to ensure a comfortable fit.
    • Noise – If you plan on placing your wine fridge in a frequently used area of your home, look for models with a quiet rating and vibration-dampening features to ensure optimal storage without causing a disturbance.
    • Energy Efficiency – It’s best to choose an appropriately sized fridge for your wine collection while also considering features such as dual temperature zones and UV-resistant glass door to maximize the energy efficiency of your wine fridge.

    Wine Fridge Brands

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    Complimentary Cellar Design Services

    Complimentary Wine Cellar Design Services

    Ready to design your dream wine cellar? Reach out to our expert design team who will assist you in finding the ideal wine storage solution for your space and budget.

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    Wine Fridge Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is better, a wine fridge or a wine cellar?

    It depends on your needs and preferences. A wine fridge is ideal for those with limited space for their wine bar or a small wine collection, while a wine cellar is better suited for larger collections and those who want a dedicated space for storing and aging wine.

    How many wine bottles can a wine fridge hold?

    At Wine Racks America, we stock standalone and built-in wine fridges that can store up to 42 standard wine bottles. However, if you need more storage space or want to store non-standard wine bottles, we can help design the perfect cooling and storage solution to suit your requirements.

    What is the optimum wine storage temperature?

    Different wines require different storage temperatures. Typically, red wine should be stored at around 55°F, while white wine should be stored at around 45°F.

    Should I Choose a Freestanding Wine Fridge or a Wine Refrigeration System?

    While small wine fridges are affordable and accessible, they can only hold a limited number of bottles and don’t have as many features as wine cooling systems. Wine cooling systems, on the other hand, can handle larger collections and provide more control over the storage environment.

    The choice between a small wine fridge and a wine cooling system installed in a cellar or wine room depends on your budget, collection size, and your wine storage goals.