Wood Wine Cellar Design Tips

Wood Wine Cellar Design Ideas

Wood is the undisputed king of wine cellar design materials. Due to wood’s flexibility as it applies to appearance, finishes, styling and budget, demand for quality wood wine cellar racking components has never been higher. Wood can be finished to match existing wood elements in your home or provide warm contrast to modern building materials such as concrete, glass and tile.

Many wine collectors prefer wood as a building material due to its association with old world wine growing, “stomping the grapes” and the romantic imagery of a distinguished bottle being fetched from the dark cellar when the time is right for enjoying. As climate controlled wine cellars have become common in home remodels and are now often specified in the plans of new home construction, companies like Wine Racks America, Vintage View Wine Storage Systems and WhisperKOOL wine cooling units have responded by expanding our product lines and innovating designs to include more styles, colors, and materials. More and more wine cellar design companies are mixing styles and materials to meet the creative demand of wine collectors.


Wood wine storage racks come in a huge variety of species options, from budget materials such as pine, Douglas fir, or western red cedar up to refined hardwoods and exotic species such as teak sapele mahogany, white oak, or black walnut.

Modern finishing techniques allow most materials to be finished with a watertight seal coat that will repel moisture and protect the wood from UV light damage and environmental degradation. If you do not want finished or sealed wood in your wine cellar, selecting building materials that are naturally moisture and mildew resistant will become more important. California redwood, a longtime favorite amongst collectors is due to its beauty and unique presentation, is famous for its natural chemical resistance to pests, drought, and water damage.