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The original label-forward metal wine racks

VintageView Wine Storage Racks

VintageView has revolutionized the art of wine display. Their patented label forward designs are chic, contemporary and modern-yet-affordable. VintageView® is the perfect solution for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

Modern wine storage
Compact modern designs
Many brands and styles to choose from
Huge selection of styles
Fully welded joints = super solid
Sturdy steel components
Easy to assemble & install
Easy to install
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    Complimentary Wine Cellar Design Services

    Complimentary Wine Cellar Design Services

    Looking to design your dream wine cellar? Contact our expert design team who are ready to assist you in creating the ideal wine storage solution for your space and budget.

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    VintageView Frequently Asked Questions

    How many wine bottles can the VintageView wine rack hold?

    VintageView wine racks come in different sizes and designs, offering a wide range of capacities. They have options for small racks that hold a few bottles and larger systems capable of accommodating hundreds of bottles.

    Are VintageView wine racks suitable for displaying Champagne and Magnum bottles?

    Yes! VintageView wine racks are engineered to accommodate a broad range of bottle sizes, including standard wine bottles, Champagne bottles, Magnum, and larger formats.

    Can I create a custom wine storage solution with VintageView racks to fit my unique space?

    Absolutely, VintageView wine racks can be conveniently assembled and mixed to construct a tailor-made wine storage arrangement that perfectly fits your available space and design preferences.

    How easy are VintageView wine racks to install? Can I do it myself?

    VintageView wine racks are built for easy installation. Most models include mounting hardware and clear instructions, allowing individuals to install them independently. However, it's vital to review the instructions thoroughly and use the proper tools for a secure installation.

    Can I use VintageView wine racks for commercial purposes, such as in a restaurant or wine bar?

    VintageView wine racks are frequently chosen for commercial settings, such as restaurants, wine bars, and wine shops. These provide a sleek and efficient solution for displaying wine bottles, ensuring convenient accessibility, and can be utilized as room dividers for secluded dining spaces.