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“In a day and age when no one picks up the phone, having a real person to speak with is refreshing. Easy access to knowledgeable people, outstanding customer service. Will do business with no other.”

- T. Logan, Nashville, TN

“WRA makes building a top quality wine cellar possible and reasonably easy for a DIYer. Plus they are always there to help answer questions and the customer service is excellent!”

- Paul C., Franklin, TN

“Great customer service and quick and accurate delivery. It looks great.”

- Chris M., Brentwood, TN
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Our Custom Wine Cellar Design Process

Crafting the perfect wine storage space is an art. From wine cabinets to unique wine rack kits, we craft bespoke wine storage spaces tailored to your vision. Here's our streamlined approach to a custom wine cellar in Nashville, TN:

Wine Cellar Design Steps

Connect. Discuss. Set Goals.

Share your wine rack ideas with us, whether it's a desire for curved corner racks or an elegant wine wall.

Design and Revise.

Using 3D drawings and CAD software, we'll incorporate your concepts with our extensive wine racking expertise to craft a design that aligns with your aspirations.

Build and Ship.

Once your custom wine cellar is ready, we ensure a prompt and safe delivery.

Install & Fill With Wine. Impress Your Friends. Enjoy.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional setup, we're here to assist every step of the way.


How do our wine racks cater to different wine bottle sizes?

At Wine Racks America, we pride ourselves on our specialization in wine racks that fit all bottle sizes. Our designs can comfortably hold any bottle style, from the petite split sizes to the grand magnums. Moreover, we offer specialty racking specifically tailored for 3L jeroboams and carboys, ensuring that every bottle, regardless of its size, has a perfect spot in your collection.

What's the ideal temperature for storing wine?

The perfect temperature for storing wine typically ranges between 55°F and 65°F. Consistency is key. Fluctuations in temperature can harm the wine's aging process. Our wine refrigeration systems maintain this ideal range, ensuring your wine matures perfectly.

What type of cooling unit is best for my wine cellar?

The ideal cooling unit for your wine cellar depends on your specific needs and cellar design. At Wine Racks America, we offer various cooling solutions:

Through-Wall Systems: Suitable for small to medium-sized cellars. They are easy to install and operate efficiently.

Split Systems: These have separate evaporator and condenser units. Ideal for cellars where space or noise might be a concern as the condenser unit can be placed remotely.

Ducted Systems: Perfect for larger wine cellars, these systems allow for versatile installation options, enabling you to place the evaporator and condenser in remote locations, ensuring a quieter wine room experience.

Choosing the right cooling unit for your custom wine cellar in Nashville, TN ensures your wine remains in optimal condition, irrespective of external conditions.

Where should you place your wine rack?

Ideal places for wine racks include areas away from direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. Basements are a popular choice due to their cooler and consistent climate. However, with our wine storage units and proper wine cellar construction, areas like under staircases, converted closets, or dedicated rooms can become suitable wine storage spaces.

Metal vs. wood wine racks: Which suits your style better?

Both metal and wood wine racks offer unique aesthetic and functional benefits. Metal wine racks provide a contemporary and sleek appearance, perfect for modern interiors. Wood wine racks offer a timeless and classic feel, resonating with traditional decor. Your choice ultimately depends on your personal style and the ambiance you want to create. Whether you opt for a wood wine shelf or a metal wine wall, both materials ensure durability and elegance.

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