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“I am so pleased with every aspect of working with Wine Racks America on our recent project. Working with Cameron on the design was very easy. We maximized the small space to accommodate hundreds of more bottles than anticipated. The product came quickly and the wine racks were easy for my contractor to install. I appreciated WRA professionalism and high quality!”

- Lynne, Minneapolis, MN

“I had a concept for a modest wine cellar. Jeremy answered all of my questions cheerfully and quickly. The Design team formalized my concept. Between the two of us we were able to fine tune my cellar. He made ordering all the components easy. I am currently finishing the cellar.”

- Rick K., Minneapolis, MN

“The wine racks look amazing. The one problem we had was addressed promptly. The sales representative was very responsive and the design team created my vision and worked with me to make it fit in our new cellar! I would highly recommend Wine Racks America!”

- Karen W., Minneapolis, MN
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  • Deephaven, MN
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  • Medicine Lake, MN
  • Minneapolis, MN
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  • North Oaks, MN
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  • Sunfish Lake, MN
  • Tonka Bay, MN
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Wine Cellar Inspiration

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Minneapolis Home Wine Cellars

Our Custom Wine Cellar Design Process

We design wine rooms for any space, style, or budget. From basement storage to ultra-modern glass cellars, we can help you create your ideal Minneapolis wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Design Steps

Connect. Discuss. Set Goals.

We start by discussing your needs. We want to understand your goals and help you find practical, creative ways to achieve them.

Design and Revise.

We use a variety of tools to help us map out your wine cellar, including 3D drawings and CAD design software. Your sketches and ideas are welcome.

Build and Ship.

Once we’ve built your custom wine cellar, we’ll ship it to you promptly for installation. We will keep you updated on the status of your order.

Install & Fill with Wine. Impress Your Friends. Enjoy.

Whether you choose to do it yourself with a wine cellar kit or hire a professional installer, we’ll guide you every step of the way. Once your new cellar is installed, fill it with wine and enjoy!


What should a wine cellar include?

It depends on your needs, budget, and preferences. Many homeowners and restaurants are opting for opulent glass cellars with sleek metal racking, along with wine tasting tables and wine glass racks for entertaining.

On the other hand, if you have very little space to work with, the strategic use of double deep racks, curved corner racks, and other innovative products makes it possible to hold hundreds of bottles in a space as small as a hallway closet.

What is the ideal temperature for wine storage?

Different wines require different storage temperatures. Typically, red wines should be stored at around 55°F, while whites and rosés should be stored at around 45°F. Humidity should be 50%-70% to keep corks from drying out, which can lead to wine spoilage.

In Minnesota, a basement cellar may actually get too cold for wine in the winter, unless it’s well insulated. You may need to install a heating system to bring the temperature up above freezing. For above ground cellars, you may need a cooling system for the warmer months.

Do I need a wine refrigeration system?

Unless you’re building a wine cellar in the basement, you will likely need a wine cellar cooling unit. Thankfully, there are options today for every application, including through-wall, split, and ducted systems, as well as humidifier units. Our WhisperKOOL cooling units are among our most popular systems.

Should I buy wood or metal wine racks?

This is really a question of preference. Both wood and metal racking systems should last many years or decades with good care. Wood wine racks are classic and traditional, while metal racking systems are sleek and modern.

Label-forward metal racks are increasingly popular among homeowners and restaurateurs. If you prefer a more traditional look, you might opt for wood racks instead. If you can’t decide, CellarVue’s line of wood and metal infused wine racks seamlessly blend traditional and modern design.

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