Mudroom Wine Cellar & Storage

Converting a Mudroom Into a Beautiful Wine Cellar

As you delve deeper into the world of wine, your collection can quickly outgrow your existing storage space. What starts as a minor hobby can become a logistical challenge, as bottles fill every closet and cupboard.

If you don’t have a basement, extra bedroom, or hallway closet for your growing wine collection, storing wine in a mudroom just might be the answer you’ve been searching for. Keep reading for answers to all your questions about building a mudroom wine storage space.

What is a mudroom?

A mudroom is a small room, usually near the entrance of a home, that serves as a buffer zone for removing dirty shoes, coats, and other outdoor gear, helping to keep the rest of the home clean. Some mudrooms also include storage benches or cubbies for items like umbrellas, sports equipment, and pet supplies. 

Mudrooms are nice to have, but not everyone needs one. This space might better serve your needs for wine storage. If your mudroom is the entry point for your home, converting it into a wine cellar can create a grand entrance. Imagine your guests' surprise when they see a beautiful display of wine upon entering your home.

How many bottles will fit in a mudroom wine storage room?  

You might be surprised at just how many bottles you can store in a mudroom wine storage room. Even a small or narrow space can support mudroom wine racks that hold upwards of 500-600 bottles, depending on how the mudroom wine shelves are configured.

How do I build a mudroom wine storage room?

The location and architectural design of your mudroom will largely determine how much work you need to do to create optimal conditions for wine storage. If the room is enclosed and insulated, you may only need a simple cooling system, such as a through-the-wall unit.

If the room is on a wall that gets direct sunlight, you may need more extensive renovations, such as a vapor barrier, insulation, and sheetrock. These additions, along with a cooling system, will help keep the room at optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a heavy-duty cellar door and exterior-grade windows for your wine storage space. See our wine cellar construction guide for more information.

Is a mudroom enough space for a wine cellar?

Most mudrooms are at least 5’ x 8’ (40+ square feet), and sometimes larger. This may seem tiny, but with some thoughtful planning you can store a lot of wine in a small room. It’s also easier to maintain consistent temperature and humidity conditions in a smaller space, so a compact room may actually be a plus for wine storage.

Depending on the exact dimensions of your mudroom, you may be able to store anywhere from 250 to 1,000 bottles—and possibly more. For the average wine collector, this is more than enough wine storage capacity.

Double-deepwaterfall, and floor-to-ceiling racks can make storing wine in a mudroom even more efficient. It’s all about making smart use of the space you have.  

Build a Mudroom Wine Storage System with Wine Racks America

With a bit of planning, you can show off your wine collection while preserving your most prized bottles in a converted mudroom. Wine Racks America can help you do it. We’re one of the nation’s most trusted wine storage providers and custom wine cellar builders.

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