How to Hang a Wine Rack

How to Install a Hanging Wine Rack on Any Surface

Hanging a wine rack can be a daunting task for homeowners. There’s a general fear and unease surrounding bottles falling and wine racks ripping through walls. But if you know how to install your new hanging wine rack properly – and you understand the various strength levels of different wall surfaces – you’ll be equipped with everything you need. Read on to learn how to correctly set up a secure and beautiful hanging wine rack.

Where to Place a Metal Hanging Wine Rack

The benefit of hanging metal wine racks is they can be installed pretty much anywhere and look beautiful whether you have one or multiple storage units. Most wall-mounted wine racks are secured directly to walls using various types of hardware; they can be hung on virtually any surface or substrate, including sheetrock, stone veneer, tile or other masonry, natural rock, concrete or solid metal. You can hang one just about anywhere and create installations that are only limited by your imagination and the size of your wine collection! The following are some of the most common and secure surfaces for hanging a wine rack to give you a starting point for the planning process.

Laminate Or Tile

If you’re planning to hang your metal wine rack onto a laminate or tile surface, you need to verify what material lies beneath, as this is most likely what will be supporting the bulk of the weight. Typically, a laminate or tile facade is placed on a drywall or plywood-backed surface. Be careful when drilling into tile or laminate in order to reach the interior surface. While these facades are visually appealing, they’re usually extremely fragile and can break if you try to force anything or drill too far in.


Drywall anchor systems are some of the more common methods for hanging a wine rack. They can hold a lot of weight and give you the flexibility to place your metal wine rack pretty much anywhere. This is due to the pure strength of spiral inserts, toggle bolts and other rated anchors. If you’re working with bare wood studs, you may want to add a plywood backer board behind the finished wall, but this isn’t required.

Solid Wood Or Studs

Mounting your wine rack into a solid wood backer or set of studs is often the preferred method of installation as it’s one of the most secure and reliable ways to hang a metal wine rack. Plus, installing a hanging wine rack to a wood surface provides even greater strength than attaching it to drywall and usually reduces installation time. When hanging a wine rack on wood walls or studs, you’ll usually only need simple wood screws, but your custom wine rack will come with model-specific hardware and instructions. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to confirm that there’s a plywood backer on the other side of the wall or start the project from the studs in order to hang your wine rack this way.


When using the proper masonry anchors, most stonework has more than enough strength to hold multiple hanging wine racks. Masonry anchors are similar to drywall anchor systems in that they’re rated to support a lot of weight, but always check the anchor instructions to ensure you don’t exceed the weight limitations. If you’re working with a more fragile masonry surface, you’ll want to be extremely careful since products like brick can crack if too much pressure is applied. For the strongest and most reliable solution, install a framing system.

How to Hang a Wine Rack on the Wall

Hanging a wine rack on a wall can make your vino storage a work of art while freeing up precious counter space. Whether youre opting for a simple metal wine rack or an entire wine storage system, correct installation can ensure your new hanging wine rack is secure and stable, protecting your walls and prized wine collection. To hang your new wine rack, you’ll need the following:

  • Any hardware included with your hanging wine rack
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood screws
  • Toggle bolts
  • Stud finder
  • Eyehooks
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Drill

1. Measure & Plan

First, you’ll want to measure the distance between the hanging hardware on the wine rack using a measuring tape. Then, determine the general area where you want to place your new hanging wine rack. Consider what wall surface will work best for your needs and ensure that there’s enough clearance when installed to walk around it. Ideally, you’ll have already planned this out prior to purchasing your wine rack system.

2. Locate The Stud

Next, find the stud in the wall where you want to hang your new wine rack. Utilizing a stud provides more support and strength for your hanging wine rack. Use your trusty stud finder to lightly tap the wall with a hammer. If you hear a solid thud, you’ve found the stud! A more hollow sound indicates there’s no stud in that spot.

3. Map Out Your Measurements

Now that you have your measurements and know where your studs are located, use a pencil to mark where your hardware will go. If possible, try to place all bolts into a stud. Otherwise, place at least one of the mounting bolts into a stud. If, however, your hanging wine rack is mounted using only a single bolt, it has to be installed into a stud – no exceptions.

4. Drill the Holes for the Mounting Screws

Once you’ve measured (and measured again), you can begin to drill the holes for your hanging hardware. First, drill your pilot hole through the drywall and into the stud at the location you’ve marked. Then, use a drill bit one size smaller than the included mounting screws. For any mounting screws that won’t be located in the stud, drill a hole slightly larger than a toggle bolt. Toggle bolts help to anchor the screw when no stud is present.

5. Bolt the Wine Rack to the Wall

Finally, it’s time to hang your new metal wine rack! Carefully bolt the hanging wine rack into the wall, starting with the stud holes. Use wood screws for stud installation and toggle bolts for non-stud installation. Your wine rack should be secured and flush with the wall. Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your new hanging wine rack.

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