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Tips for Protecting Your Wine Collection During Cold Weather

Cold weather and wine are not as good a pairing as cheese and wine. This is why it is imperative that you know how to store and protect your wine during the colder weather. In this article, you will learn the best wine collection tips and how to store wine during cold weather.

Cold Weather and Wine Storage

While cold weather is not as harmful to wine as heat is, cold weather and drastic drops in temperature can ruin a good bottle of wine. Make sure that your wine cellar is insulated and has consistent temperatures, and wine cooling units will protect your wine from cold weather. Whether you have a couple of bottles or a whole cellar full, you need to protect the wine from the cold.

The Importance of Protecting Wine During the Cold Months

You’ve spent your hard-earned money on your wine collection, don’t let the cold weather ruin the wine. But you may be wondering why exactly you need to protect wine from the cold.

Well, wine that has been exposed to very low temperatures might cause the bottle to crack or the cork to pop due to expansion and pressure, which will create oxidation. Oxidation can change the flavor of the wine, making it unpleasant to taste.

Wine that has been exposed to extreme cold can crystalize and freeze, changing the taste of the wine. This can mean wine with dulled flavors and aromas. So what temp does wine freeze? Temperatures of 22°F and below will freeze a bottle of wine. Sparkling wine in particular is more prone to damage from cold weather.

To ensure that your wine is protected from the cold, you need to know how to properly store your wine collection.

Tips on How to Protect Wine From the Cold

Here are some tips on how to properly store and protect your wine from the colder weather.

Use a Wine Cellar

Storing your wine in a room specially designed for wine, like a wine cellar, is an excellent way to protect your wine from cold weather. If you are storing your wine bottles on wine racks in your kitchen or other rooms in your home, chances are they will be exposed to the cold. However, sometimes the opposite can happen. If you use heaters in your house during cold weather, these can increase the temperature around the wine without you even realizing it.

Wine cellars should store wine at a consistent temperature, not too hot but not too cool either. How cold can wine be stored? Wine should be stored at a temperature of 55°F.

Insulate the Wine Cellar

Insulating the wine cellar will ensure that the climate will remain at an ambient room temperature of 55°F. Glass-enclosed wine cellars are a good choice as they provide good insulation as well as UV ray protection.

Use Wine Cooling Units

Wine Cooling Unit

Protecting your wine from cold weather means proper ventilation, temperature, and humidity levels. Having a cooling unit in your wine cellar is recommended for doing all these things. You may think having a cooling unit is counterintuitive when you’re protecting your wine from the cold, but that isn’t the case.

For those wondering how cold you can store red wine, you will be surprised to learn that the ideal temperature is still quite cool. Red wine can be stored between 45°F and 65°F.

Use a Temperature Monitor

Make sure your wine cellar is at the correct temperature with a temperature and humidity monitor. This way, your wine won’t get too warm or too cold.

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