Best Temperature for a Beverage Fridge

For those that love to entertain and host or just simply enjoy the pleasure of having their beverages served at just the right temperature, you may be interested in a beverage fridge. These beverage fridges are most efficiently placed in butler’s pantries, Home Bars and other areas where one likes to entertain, and offer the optimal temperatures for your beverages. However, the biggest question that follows with owning one is knowing what temperature to set your beverage and wine fridges at that’s best for your beverages. In this guide, we explore the beverage fridge temperatures for the most common beverages stored in these spaces. By the end, you may just be running to order a beverage fridge.

Ideal Storage Temperature for Different Beverages

Much line specific wines like a specific temperature to be stored and served at, most other beverages do as well. Beverages sip-worthy delicious when enjoyed at their correct temperatures. Here’s a breakdown on beverage fridge temperatures for the most common drinks stored in them.


As we know, storing your wine at the right temperature is essential for preserving the flavor and aromas of your wines. Generally, red wines prefer a beverage fridge temperature of 50°-60°, while most whites prefer a slightly cooler temperature of 45°-50°. If your goal is to store both reds and whites together in your beverage fridge, then aim for an overall temperature of 55°. However, if your beverage fridge is a dual zone fridge, then you can set each side to their own separate temperatures. 


Just like how red and white wines prefer their own temperatures to be stored and chilled at, so do different types of beers. Beers with higher alcohol content, usually heavier beers like Ales, Stouts Dark Lagers and Stouts, prefer a beverage fridge temperature of 45°-55°. The beers we consider lighter, like Pale Lagers, are best stored at cooler temperatures of 38°-45°. 

Soft Drinks

There is nothing quite like a carbonated drink that is perfectly chilled where every sip is just the perfect fizz and ice-cold flavor. To maintain the perfect carbonation, it is best to keep sodas and soft drinks at a temperature of 40°-60°.


While most spirits cannot freeze, the temperature you store them at doesn’t need to be terribly cool. For most vodka, tequila or whiskey, storing temperatures of 40°-60° for just the right refreshing chill. 

Maintaining Temperature Consistency

No matter what beverage fridge or wine cooling system you may choose, it’s important to maintain temperature consistency. If you are choosing a wine cooler over a full wine cooling system, the appliance itself naturally maintains temperature consistency, especially if the doors are kept closed tight while not being stocked or going in to grab your beverage choice.

Some beverage and wine coolers even have multiple temperature zones, which can allow you to set specific temperatures for certain areas, allowing for multiple temperatures running and staying consistent within the appliance. However, just like a full wine cellar buildout, the placement of your beverage fridge and wine cooling system is key to help maintain a consistent temperature. Placing these appliances in naturally cool, darker areas will help your cooling system and will help the systems not have to overwork to keep a proper cool temperatures you want for your beverages.

What Can You Do to Make Your Commercial Beverage Refrigerator More Efficient

With any beverage fridge, especially commercial beverage refrigerators, there are a few things you can do to ensure your fridge is operating as efficiently as possible. 

  1. Frequent Maintenance: Like most appliances, it is essential to do regular check ups on them. This frequent maintenance can ensure your fridge temperatures stay consistent and will prolong the life of your appliance. 
  2. Optimal Placement: Keeping your beverage fridges and wine coolers away from direct UV light and other appliances that give off heat sources will allow your appliance to operate and maintain its temperature without any major temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, it is most crucial that your beverage fridge placement is in an area that allows for adequate ventilation and airflow. 

No matter the beverages you choose to enjoy in life, they all prefer a perfect temperature to be chilled and served at. Understanding the proper temperatures for your preference of beverages will really enhance your drinking experience. Choosing a wine fridge or a full wine cooling system is your hardest choice.

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