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What Is The Best Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to figuring out the best wine cellar cooling units. It really depends on several factors that are as unique as each connoisseur’s collection. Learn about the four main types of wine cellar cooling units and decide which is the best to preserve your wine.

Keep Your Wine Preserved

Did you know that the oldest bottle of wine is almost 1,700 years old? The Speyer wine bottle was buried in the tomb of a Roman nobleman near Speyer, Germany around 325 AD. For over 100 years, the bottle has been in a museum in Germany and its contents are made up of what can only be described as a dark mass and a milky liquid. The wine got to this point because the tomb didn’t have the proper airflow to keep it preserved. While Ancient Romans were known for a lot of great feats, it turns out that having the best wine cellar cooling unit wasn’t one of them.

Using the best wine cellar cooling units is important if you’re trying to conserve expensive or rare wines over a long period of time. Heat can affect your wine’s flavor and compromise the seal of the bottles, leading to oxidation. A wine cellar cooling unit is a major purchase and you’ll want to make sure you purchase the right one. There is no one approach to choosing a wine cellar cooling unit because each person has different wants and needs for their wine collections. Make sure you have the best wine cellar cooling units to preserve your bottles.

Types of Wine Cooling Units

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the best wine cellar cooling unit for your collection. First, you have to consider space: how much space do you have for the unit itself and how large is your actual wine cellar? Next, you should consider what the average temperature is where you live because extreme temperatures can affect wine. Finally, think about how much noise you want (or don’t want) in your wine cellar. Studies show that vibrations of all types – including sound vibrations – can ruin a bottle of wine. Below are four types of wine cooling units and what each is best for. And remember: No matter which unit you decide is best for you, always make sure you choose one with a great factory warranty.

1. Through-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling System

A through-wall wine cellar cooling system is a self-contained system that cycles air through your wine cellar and expels heat from the back. This is usually the most cost-effective choice for collectors and does not require as much space as other types. It does, however, need a power source and somewhere to drain condensation. Plus, through-wall systems can be a tad noisy.

2. Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling System

If you’re looking for a quiet, low-maintenance system, ducted wine cooling systems are the way to go. These will normally sit in a room adjacent to your wine cellar and circulate air via the ductwork. They have powerful motors and can duct air up to 100 feet or from the cellar. These systems come in a variety of sizes and work for both residential and commercial properties.

3. Split Wine Cellar Cooling System

A split cooling system will place the condenser unit outside and is ideal for larger areas where you do not want a lot of noise. They are extremely quiet and practically vibration-free. If you need a wine cellar cooling system but space is an issue, this is a great option. Split wine cellar cooling systems are ductless and can be installed indoors or outdoors. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to installation of these units.

4. Extreme Temp Units

If you live in a state where extreme temperatures are part of your daily life, these are the best wine cooling units to consider because they are made specifically for extreme temperatures. Whether you’re in a hot state like Arizona or Florida or a cold state like Montana and Alaska, these extreme temperature cooling units are made with heavy-duty materials and oversized components that are designed specifically to help stabilize temperature.

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Choosing Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit From Wine Racks America

Overall, you need to consider what is the best wine cellar cooling unit for your collection when you’re trying to make a decision. Each cooling system has pros and cons, but you can never go wrong with a system that is popular, reputable and reliable. Wine Racks America only sells and services the best wine cellar cooling units in the industry. Shop our unparalleled selection today!

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