What Temperature Should I Store Red Wine At?

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The Best Red Wine Storage Temperature

You’ve just purchased a brand new bottle of your favorite Merlot. You plan on opening it at a later date for a special occasion. To get the best overall balance of flavor and aromas, it’s important to store your bottle in the appropriate manner. Selecting the right temp to store red wine plays a big part in this. At what temperature should you keep red wines? In this informational article, we take a closer look at red wine storage temperature and how to keep your vino in top quality.

What Temperature Should Red Wine Be Stored At?

The ideal temperature to store red wine ranges between 55°-60°F. The ultimate goal is to mimic the climate condition of a natural limestone cave. This will help you preserve your wine for years to come and ensure it doesn’t age too quickly. It’s important to keep the red wine storage temperature as steady and consistent as possible. Any drastic change can cause the liquid in the bottle to expand and contract. This can eventually push the cork out of place over time and result in early oxidation. Avoid storing your red wine in temperatures that are too high or you’ll risk speeding up the wine’s maturation process. In extreme conditions, high heat will “cook” the wine and upset the chemical reactions occurring within the bottle. Just as your red wine storage temperature can be too warm, it can also be too cold. If you keep your wine in a chilled condition, the flavor can dull.

Red Storage Temperature Cheat Sheet

Just as there is an optimum temp to store red wine, there is also an ideal setting for different body types of red wine. This might sound complicated, but Wine Racks America is here to make it simple. To help you determine the right red wine storage temperature, our experts put together the following table:

Body Type Examples Storage Temperature
Light Chianti, Beaujolais 55°F
Medium Pinot Noir, Merlot 55°-60°F
Full Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Bordeaux 60°F

Bonus Tip: Pay Attention to Humidity

Red wine storage temperature isn’t the only important factor you’ll want to consider. The overall humidity level can have a direct impact on the wine and even the label. When the humidity is too high, it can cause mold to form on the label and ruin the outside of the bottle. Empty bottle collectors will want to pay extra attention to humidity for this reason. A relative humidity level of 65-75% will help ensure the cork stays moist enough to block air from seeping into the bottle.

Where Should You Store Wine to Get the Best Temperature?

Knowing the best red wine storage temperature and humidity is only half the battle. The location is equally as important because it will help your red wine sustain its temperature.

Prime Storage Space

To achieve and maintain the desired temp to store wine, we recommend using wine cooling units. While regular refrigerators tend to be too cold, these cooling systems are specifically designed to maintain the optimum red wine storage temperature and humidity. They’re the perfect solution to help you control the elements and preserve your vino.

Spaces to Avoid

When it comes to storing your collection, we recommend steering clear of the following places:

  • Windows: Keep your wine out of direct sunlight as much as possible.
  • Kitchens: With all the cooking and baking that takes place, kitchens are often too hot to reach the optimum temp to store red wine. Additionally, any strong smelling herbs can alter the wine’s taste.
  • Highly trafficked areas: Places like closets and doorways tend to have a lot of movement and can increase the chances of your wine’s temperature fluctuating.
Temperature Storage for Wine

Get the Right Temp to Store Red Wine with Cooling Units From Wine Racks America

The ideal temperature to store red wine allows you to fully enjoy your vino sip after sip. Among our wine tools and accessories, Wine Racks America offers premium wine cellar cooling units to help you achieve the perfect temp to store red wine. Shop our selection to find the right storage solution for you today!

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