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Cabinets add functionality

Everyone needs a little extra space to store corkscrews, collectibles, cigars & accessories

Wine Racks America cabinet lifestyle shot

Cabinets add beauty

Cabinets create a finished look in your wine cellar with matching vertical face grain, integrated trim & quality finishes

Wine storage cabinets

Store glassware, corkscrews, and wine accessories securely and out of sight while adding to the value and beauty of your wine cellar.

Pair base cabinets with arches or stemware racks to create practical, functional storage for all kinds of wine-related things. Choose from dozens of wood and finish choices that make it easy to complement existing décor or architecture. Our wine storage cabinets for sale are luxurious, modern, and well built in the USA.

Why you will love these cabinets

Wine Racks America cabinet lifestyle shot
Instacellar™ DIY Kits

More About Our Wine Cabinets

InstaCellar™ DIY wine cabinets with doors, available through Wine Racks America, come with a number of attractive features:

  • Soft-close drawer slide – The durably constructed drawers of these wine storage units are easy to open and close.
  • Adjustable shelving – Our 6- and 8-column wine cabinets have an interior shelf that you can easily adjust upward or downward at increments of 32mm.
  • Matching vertical grain – Exterior and interior surfaces are carefully veneered to ensure visual consistency in design, inside and outside.
  • Your choice of finishes – You can select an unfinished cabinet or one of our six available colors: oak, cherry, walnut, black, burgundy, and grey.

In addition, these high-grade wine cellar cabinets ship fully assembled, so you won’t have to figure out how to put everything together. 

Uses of Wine Cabinets

There are plenty of things you can do with your wood wine cabinet. The most obvious use is to serve as a storage center for your wine and related accessories. This helps you keep your wine paraphernalia organized and easily located in a durable wine rack storage unit. There’s no need to hunt for your corkscrew bottle opener—not when you have a small wine cabinet dedicated to the safekeeping of items like this. 

Also, there’s no rule that says these wine rack cabinets must be used just for storing wine-related items. They can hold plenty of other accessories that may be handy to have around in your cellar. Do a simple Google search and you’ll find plenty of articles with suggestions for making the most of your wine rack storage cabinet. 

Aside from these practical considerations, the wine wall cabinet you purchase from us will go a long way toward making the area look sharp. Our wine cabinet racks have an air of simple elegance, and with routine cleaning they will retain that attractive appearance for years to come. 

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