Wine Cabinets

Wine Guardian Wine Cabinets by La Sommelière are a perfect solution for wine collectors who want extra wine storage in a kitchen, living room, or other convenient location.

Wine Guardian Wine Cabinets

Wine Guardian wine cabinets can be purchased preconfigured or customized with various shelving and drawers to accommodate bulk storage or the ability to show off wines in your collection. These wine fridges have been curated based on the top configurations and are a great way to introduce bulk wine storage in your home or restaurant.

Single or Multi-Zone Technology
Replaceable & Reusable Air Filters
Charcoal Filter to keep cabinet odor free
UV-resistant glass prevents spoilage
UV light protection that filters up to 70% of harmful UV rays
Low & high ambient protection
Simple to use door lock to keep wine out of reach of children
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    Wine Guardian Wine Fridges Features

    Configurable shelving: mix and match six (6) different shelf types, their location, and how many within the cabinet. Start creating your dream wine cabinet with our cabinet configuration tool. Wine Guardian is the only wine cabinet manufacturer that allows shelving configuration.

    Ideal humidity conditions: the cabinet automatically maintains humidity conditions between 55 and 65% relative humidity for optimal long-term storage of fine wines.

    Strong magnetic sealed door: the door contains a strong magnetic seal, ensuring no air leakage.

    UV light protection: the glass door was treated to filter up to 70% of harmful UV rays.

    LED Lights: white LED lights to show off the finer details of your collection.

    Door Lock: simple to use lock keeps your wine out of the reach of children.

    Vibration free design: shock absorbers and thick insulation foam help absorb the vibrations from the internal mechanical equipment, protecting your wine.

    Charcoal filter: to keep the cabinet odor free, these systems are equipped with an air refreshing system with an activated charcoal filter.

    Automatic defrost: when the cooling cycle is finished, the refrigerated parts of the cabinet are defrosted automatically.

    Caster wheels: for easy relocation of the cabinet.

    Premium sliders: give you easy access to your complete collection. Standard with all shelves and drawers (exception of the storage box).

    Complimentary Cellar Design Services

    Complimentary Wine Cellar Design Services

    Love the idea of a wine cabinet but not seeing the configuration you want? No problem, our team can help. Give us a call or request a design today and our team can easily help you configure the wine fridge that will best fit your collection and style.

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