Transtherm wine fridges

Safeguard Your Precious Collection

TRANSTHERM® wine fridges mimic the perfect wine preservation environment of the best natural cellars

Summit wine fridges

Perfectly Sized Luxury Wine Fridges

SUMMIT wine fridges include a wide range of budget-friendly and deluxe options to best suit your ultimate wine collection needs.

Wine Fridges

Wine fridges are the perfect addition to any home and provide the same coveted aging conditions of European wine caves while offering many smart features such as easy to use digital controls, chilling options for your wine tasting events and much more.

You can choose from larger freestanding or smaller built-in wine fridges that cam seamlessly blend into your cabinetry for easy access. These units also offer individual zones with dedicated controls to store red and white varietals in the same unit. Browse our selection to find yours today.

  • Sliding shelves provide easy bottle access
  • Temperature alarm for worry-free storage
  • Store multiple bottle types in one unit
  • UV-resistant glass prevents spoilage
  • Simple hassle-free digital controls
  • Beautiful modern design

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Wine fridges
Wine fridges
Wine fridges
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