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Sometimes the easiest way to get started on a project is to see what other people have done. We hope these galleries help you find what you want most out of your wine display…black & glossy, sleek and stylish, warm and inviting, all of the above?

To us, wine cellars are an amazing thing. Each one is as individual to the wine collector’s level of enjoyment as the grapes in the bottle.

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Wine Cellars – An American Design Obsession

In the late 1990’s America began embracing a long-ignored lifestyle that had flourished in Europe for centuries – the appreciation of fine wine and the curation of wine collections with enough volume to require special storage accommodations, complete with insulation, wine racking and cooling systems built specifically for maturing fine wine.

Once Americans fell in love with collecting wine, like everything else we do here, we went big. In a few short years the US went from being basically ignorant to the world of wine to (think Ernest and Julio Gallo in a glass jug), to now being the #1 consumer of wine per capita in the world (as of 2016). As this trend has exploded across the American culture the need for dedicated wine rooms, wine cellars and specialty wine rack design has exploded along with it. Today, wine cellars are consistently rated in the top 5 wish list of upscale home owners, developers, contractors, DIYers and other wine connoisseurs.

You may be asking…”how do I create a work of wine such as these for myself?

Wine Racks America Design Gallery Inspirations
Wine Racks America Design Gallery Inspirations
Wine Racks America Design Gallery Inspirations
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