Wine Cellar Door Ideas

Wine cellar doors are an integral part of the wine storage construction process. In addition to adding to the rooms aesthetic, wine cellar doors play the important role of sealing up the entryway against air and temperature loss within wine rooms that are actively climate controlled by a wine cellar cooling system.

An effective wine room door must be constructed with a solid core (exterior grade) on all stiles and rails. Glass panels used in the door must be insulated (dual pane) and installed properly to ensure that the cold side of the door is able to resist thermal loss. Finally, wine cellar doors must seal tightly around the door by using quality weatherstripping and employ some sort of seal along the door bottom – either a tightly fitting threshold with a rubber seal or through the use of an auto door bottom that will seal the opening shut to the elements.


Due to the necessity that your wine cellar door be built to exterior grade specifications, with a solid core (assuming you are running a cooling system in the cellar), as a rule wine room doors will cost more than your average hollow-core interior door. Beyond that the cost will come down to how many hours it takes to build your door, what materials go into it, what level of craftsmanship is applied to the fit and finish, whether or not the door is pre-hung in the jamb and where the door must be delivered to.

At Wine Racks America we approach doors as a “you get what you pay for” style transaction. Instead of offering a million made in China or Mexico options, we make each of our cellar doors in the USA by hand using our own skilled craftsmen. They create each core, stile, rail, glass mount, jamb and crate one at a time, with a focus on creating simple, solid doors that radiate character and integrity.