Display your vintages with hanging or wall-mounted wine bottle holders

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    169 products

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    Wine Bottle Holder FAQs

    Where can I use wine bottle holders?

    You can use hanging or wall-mounted wine bottle holders virtually anywhere in the home. Create an impressive full-wall display in your main living space, a dining room, or dedicated wine room.

    Or make smart use of an alcove or niche in the hallway, or even the space under your stairs. Your options are practically unlimited—as long as your vintages are not exposed to direct sunlight and the space is properly cooled.

    What are the benefits of using wine bottle holders?

    Contemporary wine bottle holders offer label-forward positioning that allows you to artfully display vintages from your prized collection.

    But you don’t have to sacrifice function for design. You’ll find modular label-forward racks with plenty of storage capacity, like this low-profile wine rack system by VintageView or this floating bottle display by Millesime.

    Are wine bottle holders safe to use?

    Although many of our wall-mounted hanging wine bottle holders appear to defy the laws of gravity—like this wall-mounted wine rack from VintageView’s Helix Series—you can rest assured that your bottles are safely secured.

    You’ll want to make sure any wall-mounted racks are properly secured to the wall on a stud or with drywall screws.

    Can I hang a wine bottle holder from my ceiling?

    Some wine bottle holders are attached to the ceiling—for example, these floor-to-ceiling mounting frames by VintageView. Another option is a hanging wine glass rack that mounts to the ceiling with rods. These units typically hold both wine bottles and wine glasses.