Metal Freestanding Wine Racks

VintageView Standalone Wine Racks

Metal Freestanding Wine Racks

These stylish metal freestanding wine racks from VintageView feature the ideal label-forward wine storage solution. Their freestanding nature allows wine lovers, retailers and businesses alike to place these wine storage solutions virtually anywhere.

Modern wine storage
Compact modern designs
Many brands and styles to choose from
Huge selection of styles
Fully welded joints = super solid
Sturdy steel components
Easy to assemble & install
Easy to install
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    Metal Freestanding Wine Racks FAQs

    How to choose the right metal freestanding wine rack?

    For smaller collections, consider the small metal freestanding wine racks that fit great in compact spaces. Larger freestanding racks are perfect for bigger collections and areas that offer a few feet of floor space.

    How big are the VintageView freestanding wine racks?

    Our VintageView metal freestanding wine racks come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Small freestanding wine racks typically hold a few bottles and are ideal for small spaces and collections and perfectly placed on top of a wet bar or kitchen countertop. Large freestanding wine racks can store dozens or even hundreds of bottles, catering to serious collectors or commercial establishments. The size you choose ultimately depends on the size of your collection and available space.

    Can I get custom freestanding wine racks?

    Our metal freestanding wine racks come in various sizes. Custom metal wine racks are available, but more so for full cellar buildouts. Our Cellar Design Specialists are always available to work with you to create a storage solution for your needs.

    What are freestanding wine racks made of?

    The metal freestanding wine racks we offer are all constructed of durable steel material. Each metal wine rack comes in either Matte Black or Luxe Brushed Nickel finish.