Tower Wine Racks

Extra-tall wine racks make the most of vertical space and create eye-catching displays

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Tower Wine Racks

Tower wine racks are ideal for maximizing use of vertical space. They can also be used in small spaces like niches and alcoves, and they make great additions to an existing wine cellar. Wine Racks America offers wood and metal tower wine racks from industry leading brands, like VintageView, InstaCellar™, CellarVue™, and Millesime.

Wood tower wine racks are earthy and rustic, perfect for a traditional wine cellar. Metal tower wine racks are sleek and stylish, seamlessly blending into modern and minimalist décor. Floating floor-to-ceiling tower wine racks add a touch of contemporary luxury to homes and commercial spaces.

    6 products
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    Tower Wine Rack FAQs

    What is a tower wine rack?

    Tower wine racks are tall, space-saving wine racks. Their height imparts a sense of grandeur in any space. Wine rack towers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from label-forward racks to large capacity tower wine racks that hold dozens of bottles.

    Where can I use tower wine racks?

    Tower wine racks can be incorporated into an existing cellar or used on their own to create a unique display. There are so many options, from wall-mounted tower racks to floating bottle racks.

    This double-sided floating bottle rack by VintageView, for example, makes a stunning display in homes, restaurants, bars, and retail stores. The versatile floor-to-ceiling design enables placement anywhere in the room. Wall-mounted tower wine racks, like this 35-inch-wide double deep rack by CellarVue™, are ideal for cellars and wine rooms.

    What size bottles do wine rack towers hold?

    Tower wine racks can hold every kind of bottle, from splits to magnums to standard 750ml wine bottles. Combo showcase display racks, like this 35-inch-wide tower rack by CellarVue™, are ideal for storing and displaying different bottle types and sizes.

    Which is better: wood or metal wine rack towers?

    It really comes down to your preference and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Wood wine rack towers are earthy and traditional, while metal wine rack towers are stylish and sophisticated. Tower wine racks by CellarVue™ are a perfect compromise, with both wood and metal elements.

    Wine Racks America carries a huge selection of small and large capacity tower wine racks. Reach out to us for help if you need help deciding.