24-Inch-Wide Wine Coolers

Age bottles and keep wine at perfect serving temps with a 24-inch wine fridge.

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    24-Inch Wine Cooler FAQs

    How many bottles can a 24-inch wine fridge hold?

    It depends on the total dimensions of the refrigerator. 24” is a common width for wine fridges, but their other dimensions can vary. Some 24” wine fridges are designed to fit under the counter, often in the space of an old trash compactor. Others are full height (around 72” tall, or the size of a standard refrigerator) or mid height (50”-60” tall).

    Do 24-inch wine fridges have multiple temperature zones?

    Some 24-inch wine fridges are dual-zone or multi-zone. This means they have two or more compartments, each with independent temperature and humidity controls. This allows you to store reds and whites at different temperatures.

    Dual-zone wine fridges are ideal if you want to store wine long-term in one compartment and have wine available at serving temperatures in another.

    Can I age wine in a 24-inch wine refrigerator?

    Yes, in fact many people use a wine fridge as an alternative to a traditional wine cellar. If you plan to age wine in your fridge, make sure the unit is not exposed to direct sunlight, especially if it has a glass door. While most glass-front wine fridges have a special UV coating to protect your wine, these coatings may not block out all UV light.

    If you’re concerned about light exposure where you plan to install your wine fridge, look for a model with a solid door, or consider an integrated wine fridge that matches your cabinets (work with your contractor or carpenter on design).