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Wine Storage Guide

With the growing interest in collecting fine wines, many wine lovers are considering installing customized wine storage solutions and cellars in their homes. However, coming across complicated wine terms can confuse and frustrate collectors new to the world of modern wine storage.

To help you through the process of learning what is needed to store wine properly, we’ve compiled a guide of common wine definitions and concepts related to wine storage, such as temperature and humidity control, bottle orientation, and aging potential.

Whether you’re a wine collector or just enjoy the occasional bottle, knowing the different wine storage types and related terms can help you deepen your appreciation of wines and put you on track to incorporating beautiful, customized wine storage spaces in your home or business in the near future.

Common Wine Storage Terms

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Wine Cellar

A cool, dark, and ideally humid room specifically designed to store and age wine bottles.

Vapor Barrier

A layer of material used to prevent moisture from passing through walls or other surfaces where it can cause damage to wine.

Universal Racking

A versatile storage solution that accommodates different bottle sizes and shapes within a single racking unit.

Split System Cooling

A type of wine cooling system that uses two separate units: one inside the wine cellar to remove heat, and one outside to exhaust the heat.


A wine characteristic that describes the perceived weight, mouthfeel, and density of wine on the palate, which can be classified as light-bodied, medium-bodied, or full-bodied.


This is a key concept in wine tasting that describes the equilibrium between various elements of a wine, including acidity, tannins, alcohol, and fruit flavors. A wine is said to be balanced when these components work together harmoniously, without any single element dominating the others. Achieving balance is often considered a hallmark of high-quality wine.


Racks refer to wine storage systems specifically designed to provide a secure and efficient storage solution for wine bottles. Wine room racking also facilitates the proper aging of your wine and helps to organize and store bottles safely.

Wine Cabinet

A standalone or built-in cabinet designed to store wine bottles.

Wine Cooling Unit

A refrigeration system used to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level in a wine cellar or wine cabinet.

Wine Cellar Door

A door that seals a wine cellar to prevent wine cellar temperature fluctuations and maintain humidity levels.

Wine Cellar Flooring

The type of flooring used in a wine cellar. Wine cellar floors are typically made of materials that can withstand moisture and humidity.

Wine Cellar Lighting

The lighting system used in a wine cellar. Ideally, lighting should be designed to showcase the wine bottles without damaging them over time.

Wine Racks America’s Wine Storage Guide

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Welcome to our wine storage guide, where you’ll find essential information for properly storing your cherished bottles of wine and champagne.

As a wine enthusiast, you understand the significance of protecting and organizing your collection while enhancing the appearance of your space.

To store wine correctly, you need a storage space that offers the following features:

  • Temperature range between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Humidity level of 70%
  • Diagonal or horizontal wine racks that ensure wine stays in contact with the bottle’s cork

With the right wine cellar racking, such as those offered by Wine Racks America, you can ensure that your wine bottles are stored in optimal conditions at the ideal temperature, away from light and dust and ready to be enjoyed.

Explore our practical and aesthetic wine storage solutions to elevate your wine experience and ensure you can enjoy your wine collection for years to come.


Our Instacellar wooden wine racks are built with the finest materials for long-lasting durability.

Choose from dozens of wine-racking styles, or mix and match or stack modules to create your own ideal custom wine cellar system.

Our InstaCellar DIY wine rack range offers:

Living Series

Our Living Series is a brand-new stylish wine storage solution that features an innovative design that can stack up to six units using wall anchors for stability, making it perfect for beginner wine collections.

The Living Series wine rack range offers:


The CellarVue range is a stunning, modern wine display that has become a clear favorite among collectors who prefer a seamless blend of functionality and flair, thanks to its use of metal elements and unique mixed materials that add to the overall appeal of the design.

Featuring an ultra-modern design with clean lines that infuse wood and metal into the kit, this is the perfect option for wine enthusiasts looking to admire the beauty of their wine bottles in a simple backdrop.

Our CellarVue range offers:


The Millesime wine rack range has a contemporary look with a variety of expandability options.

The steel uprights can be mounted directly onto your floor and ceiling or wall, and the accents are made from solid walnut.

Our Millesime range offers:

  • Streamline wine racks
  • Display wine racks
  • Floating-bottle wine racks
  • Tasting wine racks
  • All-star wine racks
  • U-shelf wine racks
  • Showcase wine racks

Retail Wine Racks

Our retail wine display offers an outstanding combination rack designed to store bottles of different sizes.

Its modern, label-forward display can store standard wine bottles, champagne, 1.15L magnum bottles, and any special varietal you have for sale.

You can also buy multiple racks to create a wine display wall or combine them with our other specialized racks. You can optimize your retail space by making aisles, wall-racking installations, and point-of-purchase displays with our range of retail wine rack solutions, including:

  • Open bin displays
  • High-reveal display racks
  • Diamond bin displays
  • Display-top wine racks
  • Horizontal bottle displays
  • Open bin base displays
  • Diamond bin bases
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Quarter-round wine displays

Vintage View

With their patented label-forward designs, VintageView has transformed the way wine is showcased, making it chic, contemporary, and affordable. The VintageView series offers flexible wall-mount racking that can mount to any wall or FTC mounting frame.


The NOOK wine storage system consists of two components that can be customized to any size or shape. It is an excellent solution where space is limited or can be used as a decorative element to fill up an empty nook.

HD Metal Series

These HD Metal racks are crafted from aluminum stock with simple and robust designs. They are built to endure heavy usage while also being stylish enough for home use. Whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial wine cellar, these racks are suitable for all applications.


The STACT range is more than just a wine rack; it is a brilliant masterpiece that showcases your wine collection with the use of elegant, artistic contemporary elements.

To start designing your dream wine cellar or wine storage solution, look through our website today.