Wine Cellars 101

Wine Cellars 101

Historically, wine cellars were large spaces, below ground that were used for expansive wine storage. It seemed like your space had to be pre-designed with a cellar in mind or else you were out of luck. Thankfully, wine storage has evolved since then and wine cellars are more versatile than ever! Follow along as we debunk some common myths about wine cellar design and show how building a wine cellar can be a perfect wine storage solution for your collection.

Myth 1: You need a large, dedicated space for a wine cellar.

Don’t let the size of your space hold you back from building a wine cellar. Modern wine cellars can be designed to fit whatever space you have to work with – under stairs, in closets or even in part of a room with an impressive wine wall. They can also be made to fit a large, commercial space, a room in your home or a whole basement. Big or small, wine cellars can be made to effortlessly fit into your space in a stunning way.

Myth 2: Wine cellars are only for people who have a complete collection with a lot of bottles to store.

Having a dedicated space for your wine is beautiful and convenient regardless of the size of your collection. Smaller collections take center stage when showcased in a space devoted to wine storage. Large collections look neat and organized when stored on wine cellar racks. Wine Racks America offers modular and expandable wine cellar racks so your wine storage can grow as your collection does, and you can easily build wine storage that fits your needs.

Myth 3: Cooling units only keep wine chilled.

Actually, cooling units provide a stable and consistent environment best for storing and aging wine collections for longer periods of time. Depending on your climate and where your wine cellar is situated, a cooling system may or may not be needed. A cooling system is a great way, though, to consistently maintain the ideal temperature your collection needs to age properly, regardless of changes to ambient temperature. Talk to one of our cooling unit experts to find out if your wine cellar would benefit from a cooling unit.

Myth 4: Custom wine cellars are too expensive.

Budgets for wine cellars are as versatile as the cellars themselves. Whether you’re working with a smaller budget and need to get the most bang for your buck, or you’re ready to go all out, there are endless wine room ideas that will work for your financial situation. With countless options to choose from, a wine cellar can always be within budget.

Myth 5: I’m afraid a wine cellar won’t match my home aesthetics.

Wine cellar style has been revolutionized to become more than just a space to store your wine, but also a focal point of design. VintageView modern wine racks feature metal, label-out kits for a striking wine bottle display. InstaCellar racks are all about choice with modular design, 3 choices of wood and 12+ stain and finish options that easily allow you to create beautiful wine storage that perfectly matches your style.

wine cellar design

Design a wine cellar

As you can see, modern wine cellars can be perfect for any space, style and budget. If building a wine cellar sounds like something you are interested in, Wine Racks America offers free design consultations. From closet remodels to wine walls to show-stopping wine rooms, we can create a wine cellar that’s perfect for your wine storage needs. Get even more inspiration from these wine room ideas.