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How Do You Hang Stemware?

Part of owning a wine collection is owning a range of quality stemware and caring for it. That means storing it properly and safely for your next wine-tasting gathering. How you store your wine glasses is important, and here’s how you do it.

The Importance of Wine Glass Storage

Wine glass storage is very important as wine glasses come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes that are quite delicate. A good wine glass storage solution should protect your glasses from falling and breaking.

When you are hanging your stemware or placing them on shelving for wine glasses, it is a good idea to hang them upside down, as this can help prevent a buildup of dirt inside the glass.

Hanging your wine on a wine glass rack is so easy, and there are lots of styles that you can choose from. To choose the best ones for your wine glass collection, you should answer the following questions.

How much stemware do you own and need to store?

The type of shelving for wine glasses that you will need will depend on how many glasses you need to hang. If you have a lot of wine glasses, then you will want to choose a sturdy and durable rack like a wall-mounted glass rack.

For smaller and fewer glasses, you can use an under-cabinet wine glass rack. These look great in your kitchen and take up very little space.

Do you own any stemless wine glasses that need to be stored?

If your wine glasses do not have stems, then hanging them upside down can become a problem. Your best and safest option is to choose a wine shelf.

Where will you install your wine glass rack?

Where you are planning on putting your new wine glass rack is very important to take into consideration. If you’re pressed for space, a hanging wine glass rack from the ceiling is a good idea.

Large open walls can be turned into a feature wall by installing a wall-mounted wine glass rack.

Which room are you planning on storing your glassware in?

Where in the house are you planning on storing your wine glasses? The kitchen pantry, dining room, or wine cellar?

Depending on where in the house you want to, make sure your wine glass storage fits and goes with your furniture and decor. Make sure the area is the most suitable for wine glasses.

If you have chosen your kitchen, make sure the wine glass rack is far from your stove in case of oil and grease. Your wine glass rack should also be in a space where it won’t get knocked into.

What is your budget for glassware storage?

Setting your budget for your wine glass storage is a great way to find wine glass storage options in your budget.

Wine Glass Racks to Choose From

shelving for wine glasses
There are lots of different styles of wine glass racks that you can use in your home:

Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Wall-mounted wine glass racks are a popular choice, as they are easy to install, and they can instantly turn a plain wall into a feature. This hanging wine glass rack can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on how much space you have.

Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

If you’ve got high cabinets in your kitchen or wine cellar, an under-cabinet wine glass rack is the perfect option. It takes up less space, so you can squeeze them in tight spaces as well as keep your kitchen countertops free from unnecessary clutter.

Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Having a ceiling-mounted wine glass rack is a modern and clever way of utilizing space in your house. This helps free up space and any clutter. When using a ceiling-mounted wine glass rack, you are able to hang your glasses upside down.

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