Refined Christmas gift basket with bottle of champagne, wine glasses, cookies and candle.

The Perfect Holiday Wine-Themed Gifts

As the holiday season is upon us, it is time to consider the gifts to give to your loved ones. Some of those people may be wine enthusiasts, and it can be nice to give them a present besides a bottle of wine to show you are interested in their likes.

Below, we list the perfect holiday wine-themed gifts to give people. We suggest the perfect gifts for wine lovers who may be in your life.

Wine Subscription

A bottle of white wine between goblet glass and grapes on a wooden surface
Sometimes finding perfect wines can be difficult, and buying a wine you may not like can make you stick to your usuals. This is where a wine subscription helps you; the provider can ask you questions about what wines you typically like, and they will pair you with a selection of wines that should work for you.

Wine subscriptions also work as good wine-sampling gifts, as you taste many wines that you may normally never try out.

Cheese Subscription

Wine and cheese go hand in hand. However, pairing the right cheeses with certain wines can be daunting. Cheese subscriptions can help by pairing the right cheeses, and it will allow people to taste many different kinds of cheese from around the world.

Your Favorite Wine They Haven’t Tried Out

If you have a favorite wine that you think is really good, giving your friends your favorite wine is a good way to share the flavors you like. It can also be a good conversation starter as you both can give your opinions on the flavor. This is the best wine to gift, as there is much thought behind the choice.

Wine Pairing Books

Understanding how to pair drinks and foods together is a great skill to have and is extremely useful come holiday meals. This is why wine pairing books make a great gift for wine lovers, whether they’re experts or they’ve just started their wine journey.

Marble Wine Coaster

You may not think it, but wine coasters are a clever and practical gift for any wine drinker out there. When you make the coaster out of marble, this really elevates it to another level. The marble coaster can become a statement piece in any home.

Champagne Bucket

Every wine collector needs a good champagne bucket, making it a great gift idea. You can choose from so many different designs and colors like gold, silver, and even rose gold. As an added bonus, why not throw a bottle of champagne in there as well!

Cheese Board

Flat lay composition with different types of delicious cheese on slate board with red wine bottle
Wine and a charcuterie board make a classic combination, so you may want to consider giving that wine lover in your life their very own cheese board. There are many styles, shapes, and woods that are available to choose from, so you can find a cheese board that will definitely match up with their personal style.

Wine Stoppers

Wine enthusiasts love being given accessories that make their wine-drinking experience even easier, and wine stoppers are super handy to have. There are even electric bottle openers now available, which make an excellent stocking filler.

Wine Decanter

Staff training for sommelier experts. All that is needed is wine etiquette
This is a favorite among wine drinkers, as it can improve the taste of the wine as well as double up as a stunning feature at your next dinner party. There are plenty of sizes and unique shapes to choose from.

Wine Bottle Tags

2 sided paper wine bottle tags

Wine bottle tags are a must-have if you own an impressive-sized wine collection, as they are an excellent way of organizing your collection without having to pull out each bottle of wine each time you want to see what it is.

Wine Racks America has double-sided wine bottle tags available.

A Wine Tote Bag

You can’t go wrong with a good tote bag, and there are bags made with wine holders to transport your wine and other snacks to your next picnic. The wine lover in your life will thank you for such a thoughtful and useful gift.

Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

Is there anything better than chocolate and wine? Probably not, and these chocolates are made to be paired with a variety of different wines to bring out both the flavors in the chocolate and the wine.

Wine Journal

A wine journal is an excellent gift for those who enjoy wine tasting. These journals are used to document the flavors, the smells, their thoughts about the wine, and anything that stood out to them.

Creating a wine journal is an excellent way of developing your wine palate, as well, which is why this is a great gift.

Custom Wine Cellar

customized wine cellar
If you are looking for wine gifts for him, why not give him his own customized wine cellar from Wine Racks America? They will handle everything for you, from the design process to installation. Choose from modern glass cellars or traditional wine cellars with a wine cabinet. There’s a cellar for every style. All you need to think about is stocking up on his favorite wines!

Wine Racks

Wine racks make a great gift, as you can never have too many. Choose between the traditional wooden wine rack or the modern metal wine rack. Wine Racks America has a stunning range, and they even offer easy-to-install wine rack kits.

Why Wine Racks America?

Wine Racks America offers wine lovers great options when it comes to gifts. Browse through our collection of wood wine racks, metal wine racks, and wine cellar accessories or even design the wine-lover in your life their dream wine cellar. Our team of experts can advise you every step of the process.

If you’re unsure of what they want, you can give them one of our handy gift cards. Contact us at 888-373-6057 today to learn more!