Custom wine cellar design

Hiring a Wine Cellar Design Expert – What to Look For

If you have a dream of having your very own wine cellar in your home, you may have considered hiring a professional wine cellar designer, like the team at Wine Racks America, to create exactly what you want.

On the other hand, you may think you can get away with hiring a regular construction company to design and build your custom wine cellar. Today, we’d like to tell you why it would be best to hire a professional wine cellar builder.

Why Hire a Professional Wine Cellar Designer?

There are many important considerations and aspects that come into play when it comes to custom wine cellar design, and only a professional wine cellar builder will know them all and have a multitude of wine cellar concepts for you to choose from.

A Professional Wine Cellar Design Ensures the Lasting Quality of Your Wines

Professional wine cellar design

A wine cellar must be correctly designed and built in order to maintain the safety and quality of the wines stored in it. Should the necessary specifications not be met, you run the risk of your wines going off, not aging properly, or even absorbing bad smells which will affect the flavor. The following essential aspects of wine cellar design can only be guaranteed by a professional wine cellar builder:

  • Temperature and humidity must be kept at optimum levels to ensure correct aging of the wines.
  • Proper insulation is essential to ensure that your custom wine cellar maintains its temperature and humidity levels.
  • The cellar door must be sealed and secure to maintain the ideal climate of the wine cellar.
  • A vapor barrier must be put in place to combat condensation and maintain ideal moisture levels in the cellar.
  • No vibrations should be present, or the safety of the wines will be in question.
  • Building materials must be chosen carefully, as the wrong materials could cause damage to the wines, either from strong smells and chemical contaminants, or because they are not sufficiently geared to survival in the humid environment, and could be prone to mold and rot. This includes improperly treated wood, or wood types that are not resistant to the stresses of the wine cellar.

The Best Custom Wine Cellar Builders Have Plenty of Knowledge and Experience

Not only will your chosen wine cellar builder know all there is to know about how to design a wine cellar that will safely store all the wines in your collection, but they will also be able to take into account all your personal needs and desires. This means that they will be able to design and build your dream wine cellar while ensuring that it is also entirely to specification.

At Wine Racks America, we pride ourselves on producing the best custom wine cellar designs, and we do this by following the procedures we know are essential for building the perfect wine cellar.

  • We will ensure that the refrigeration unit is the correct size for your planned wine cellar.
  • We will take into account your unique requirements and desires.
  • We will ensure that the building materials we source are of the highest quality.
  • We will install a lighting system that matches your desired usage of your wine cellar.

What Are the Qualities of a Great Wine Cellar Design Expert?

Wine racks America custom viking cellar

The best custom wine cellar builders should show each of the following qualities, and we at Wine Racks America strive to offer all of them at all times:

  • Offers full customization as close to the client’s requirements as possible while still providing a safe environment for wine storage.
  • Offers a variety of options to choose from.
  • Has a variety of projects under their belt that show their ability to work outside of the box.
  • Offers up-to-date product options and the latest technologies.
  • Provides a high standard of service and the best quality materials.

Why Choose Wine Racks America?

From closet remodels to wine shop design to one-of-a-kind custom cellars, we can help you create your ideal wine cellar design.

We manufacture and distribute the industry’s most reputable brands of wood and metal racking, wine cooling systems, and doors.

We design wine rooms for any space, style, or budget. Get in touch today to discuss your project!