Basement wine cellar

Do You Have to Have a Basement to Have a Wine Cellar?

Wine cellars used to be reserved only for houses with enough underground space to create a proper aging environment. However, as a fine wine collection became more popular among homeowners, having a cellar at home has become more accessible. So, do you need a basement to have your own cellar?

Traditionally, wine cellars were built in basements to provide the ideal environment for wine to age properly, but that’s not necessary anymore. You can have a modern wine cellar almost anywhere in your house if you have the proper equipment.

Why Were Wine Cellars Built Mostly Underground?

Fine wine needs the right environment to age properly and thrive. This space needs to have the right temperature and humidity while remaining hidden from direct sunlight. That’s why wine cellars used to be built underground in the past. Having your wine collection in a basement was the only way to prevent excessive heat, dryness, and direct sunlight.

Because of the different needs fine wine has, it was almost impossible for most people to start a collection. However, that changed with the invention of different technologies that allowed users to control temperature and humidity in confined spaces.

With the invention of new technologies, like cooling units and humidifiers, you no longer need an underground cellar. You only need space out of direct sunlight, and the cellar equipment will do the rest.

The Modern At-Home Wine Cellar

Home wine cellar

Now that you know you don’t need an underground cellar, you can design a space to store your wine collection at home. If you have access to a basement, we recommend picking that space, but it is not a must. With the right cooling unit or humidifier, you can build a cellar anywhere in your home.

Here are some wine room ideas for your home:

    • Underground home wine cellars: The basement wine cellar is still the best choice in most cases because it provides enough space and protection from the sun. It is the ideal option for an ever-expanding fine wine collection.
    • Dining room glass wine cellar: The dining room is one of the most popular above-ground wine cellar locations among fine wine collectors. A glass-enclosed wine cellar in your dining area lets you display your collection with a luxurious aesthetic.
    • Hallway wine cellar: If you do not have access to an underground space for your basement cellar, you might find that a hallway is an excellent replacement. This location provides the right amount of space and cover for your wine to thrive.
    • Under the stairs: The cupboard under the stairs is another interesting cellar location. It protects your wine from direct sunlight and allows you to install the necessary equipment to create the right aging environment.

You should also consider using technology to control your wine cellar. If the space is too hot or cold, a cooling unit can be your best ally. If the area is too dry or humid, we recommend a high-quality humidifier.

Wine cellar rack

Create the Perfect Wine Cellar with Wine Racks America

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