Scranton Custom Wine Cellar Design | Cellar Spotlight

Scranton Custom Wine Cellar Design | Cellar Spotlight

The love of wine can fester in many ways. For Robert Kohut, he was exposed to the art of wine from his father-in-law who was a member of an Italian Social club where they used to make wine. He furthered his knowledge about the art of winemaking with endless hours of research and by visiting wineries in Napa and Temecula. Between his Italian in-laws' hobbies and his passion to learn new things, winemaking became a fun pastime and a treat to share with friends and family. With the love and desire growing, he built a winemaking and storage area in a part of his garage 10 years ago. As time went on and as his collection grew, a custom wine cellar was top of mind to include in his home for maximum enjoyment.

The biggest obstacle Robert first faced was persuading his Italian wife to allow him to take over a large storage area in their basement for a custom wine cellar. After creating a she-shed space for his wife Lisa, Robert got the go ahead to create his dream wine cellar space. A physical obstacle Robert faced with his wine room was the actual space itself. Trying to utilize his room’s shape efficiently wasn’t an easy venture. With the help of our Pennsylvania wine cellar design experts, they were able to create a wine storage solution custom to the room's space while creating storage for up to 811 bottles!

When Robert came to our team of Scranton wine cellar design experts, he had a very specific wine room design in mind. He knew he wanted a Tuscan inspired wine cave look. As a young boy, Robert learned to work with masonry stone and grew an appreciation for it. “The feeling of taking something “raw” and making it into something breathtaking is a great feeling,” said Robert. Alongside our cellar design team, Robert landed on a custom natural redwood wine storage solution that he incorporated among his Tuscan flooring tile and Castle Stone backdrop. To add to the room's design and further highlight his wine racks, he added a bamboo wood plank ceiling with LED lighting. Robert’s planning and organization didn’t stop there once wine was added he categorized his wine collection by countries of origin for a robust cataloging system.

Robert’s custom wine room is climate controlled with a WhisperKool 4000 to keep the temperature at a perfect 58’ F and 70% humidity level. He added ½ inch thick tempered glass doors to perfectly insulate his wine room while still allowing it to be the showstopper it is. With the help of our Scranton design team and his friend Mike, his dream wine room was brought to life. He even turned his friend Mike into a vino lover during the installation process because as Robert frequently says, “Wine Brings Good People Together!”

Robert also has a home bar in his basement adjacent to his stunning custom wine room. Between the home bar and custom wine cellar he created with our team, this space is now used regularly between the Kohut’s and their friends and family. The space embodies his adoration and enthusiasm for wine, uniting cherished ones and showcasing his profound affection for his family, including his two pugs, Dolly and Walley.

Robert found working with our team of cellar design experts extremely instrumental in creating his custom wine room. He found our team always available and ready to assist in every step of the way. Robert’s note for all who are reading, “Dream It, Believe It, and Go Achieve It.”

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