Allentown, PA Custom Wine Cellar Design | Cellar Spotlight

Allentown, PA Custom Wine Cellar Design | Cellar Spotlight

For the Reynolds, designing their custom wine cellar started with the love and appreciation of enjoying and exploring wines, collecting their favorite vintages and learning about the world of wine cellaring. To take the enjoyment of their wine collection to the next level, they knew they wanted to create a dedicated space for their collection to showcase and protect their favorite vintages.. This custom built wine cellar is complete in natural redwood with no satin finish and can hold up to 356 bottles.

As with most home remodel or improvement projects, there usually come some barriers and layers of obstacles. In this certain homespace, Reynold’s obstacle was having a vertical space in a wall that had utility chases (an area for pipes or wires to run through.) From thorough research on our website utilizing our resources like our design construction guide, informative specifications on each of the product pages, and personal design guidance from our cellar design experts, this wine room was able to overcome the featured obstacles and a custom wine oasis came to life.

Reynold’s most rewarding aspect of their custom built wine cellar journey was selecting the materials for their space. From the range of wood species and storage solution options Wine Racks America offers, they were able to create a custom solution that provided their perfect look they hoped for this space.

From beginning to end, Reynolds appreciated the help the Wine Racks America cellar design specialist team provided them. From the many layout options and design revisions, estimating the amount of materials would be needed for the space to the tracking of the deliveries, they were thoroughly satisfied. When it came to assembly and installation time, Reynolds proclaimed “The instructions and videos for build/installation of racks and materials were expertly prepared and extremely helpful.”

Our team is here to help you through every step of the wine cellaring journey, and beyond completion. From new builds to full remodels, our team of cellar design experts know exactly what you need to make your dream wine rooms a reality. Connect with our team today to start your complimentary custom wine cellar design.