GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding
GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding
GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding
GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding
GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding
GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding
GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding

GrandCellar™ - Flat Base Molding

Wood Species
White Oak
Black Walnut
Stain Color
Clear Coat Sealant

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The GrandCellar™ Flat Base Molding, meticulously designed to discreetly conceal the base platforms of your racks. Embellish your cellar's aesthetic with this Flat Base Molding, seamlessly integrating it into your configurations to give a polished & refined look. Made from high-quality woods & the option to finish with a custom WineSafe™ satin coat finish.


  • Width: 2 15/79"
  • Height: 0.38"
  • Bottle Capacity: 0


  • Create a polished wine cellar look
  • Integrates seamlessly with other GrandCellar™ units
  • 3 premium wood options + WineSafe™ clear coat sealant
  • Made in the USA

Premium GrandCellar™ Woods


Superior Protection

GrandCellar™ FAQs

How deep should wine storage be?

The average wine bottle is 12-12.5" in height, meaning when on it's side if you want full protection it's best to store your wine in a system that is a minimum of 12.5" in depth. The GrandCellar™ Collection is 13.5" in depth to provide full protection to your wine collection.

How deep is a wine cabinet?

The GrandCellar™ Collection features wine bins and drawers that offer full depth protection at 13.5" deep.

Is it better to store wine vertically or horizontally?

For long term storage horizontal is always best. This is because by laying wine horizontal, you'll be able to keep the cork wet which will prevent air from getting in and slowly deteriorating your wine.

What materials are available in GrandCellar™?

GrandCellar™ features White OakSourced from the USA, showcasing a dense grain and hues from light tan to medium brown, Black Walnut, a premier choice among American hardwoods boasting distinctive grain patterns and intricate knots that highlight its unique character, and Sapele, native to Africa, boasts a light reddish-brown hue with a beautiful grain. All woods offered in the GrandCellar™ Collection are available in their natural finish or with a WineSafe™ clear satin sealant.

How is GrandCellar™ different from InstaCellar™and CellarVue™?

The GrandCellar™ Collection takes the best features and racking styles from both InstaCellar™ and CellarVue™ and makes them full-depth at 13.5" and integrate a new system of modules at 12" and 36" in height for unlimited possibilities of custom wine cellar configurations. It's still a modular system, but at full-depth, premium materials, and new shelving styles that are often only available by custom builders.