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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The wine rack I purchased was top quality. It is easy to assemble, and I am very happy with it. I'm looking forward to expanding my cellar with additional racks.”

- David P., Southern Crossing, OR

“The wine racks are great but what I really appreciated is staff. I inadvertently ordered two types of wood when I didn't intend to. A representative from WRA called me to confirm the order was correct. So glad she did! It saved me time but more importantly in saved lots of money in unnecessary shipping and returns. Great job, WRA!!”

- Nikki H., River West, OR

“My designer, Paul Muniz, is very knowledgeable. Although my project is relatively small, Paul was patient and thorough and came up with a great plan. His design drawings were complete and have provided the needed details to build out the project myself.”

- -Dennis P., Old Bend, OR
Areas We Serve


  • Old Bend, OR
  • River West, OR
  • Aubrey Butte, OR
  • Larkspur, OR
  • Boyd Acres, OR
  • Century West, OR
  • Southern Crossing, OR
  • Southeast Bend, OR
  • Mountain View, OR
  • Old Farm District, OR
  • Orchard District, OR
  • Southwest Bend, OR
  • Summit West, OR

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Wine Cellar Inspiration

Bend, OR Restaurant Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Design for Restaurants
Home Wine Storage for Bar - Build a Wine Cellar

Home Wine Cellars in Bend, OR

Our Custom Wine Cellar Design Process

Wine Cellar Design Steps

Connect. Discuss. Set Goals.

We start by talking with you about your project to understand your vision and requirements for the perfect wine storage room.

Design and Revise.

With 3D drawings, CAD design software, and your valuable input, we create a blueprint of your dream wine cellar.

Build and Ship.

After meticulous crafting, your custom Bend wine racks are shipped with constant updates.

Install & Fill With Wine. Impress Your Friends. Enjoy.

Choose a DIY approach with our wine rack kits or hire a pro to assemble. Either way, we're with you.


What are the standard wine bottle sizes and how can I choose the right rack for them?

The standard wine bottle sizes range from a split to a magnum. At Wine Racks America, we offer wine holders designed to accommodate these sizes, ensuring secure wine storage for your collection.

What is the optimal wine storage temperature for preserving the taste and quality of wine?

The ideal wine storage temperature is between 55°F and 65°F. Our wine refrigeration systems are tailored to maintain these temperatures as well as proper humidity levels, preserving the nuances of your wine.

Why are wine cellar cooling units essential for a wine cellar?

Cellar cooling systems, such as WhisperKOOL cooling units, are crucial because they maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels. This environment prevents wine spoilage and ensures the cork doesn't dry out, preserving the wine's quality.

Where are the best places in a home or establishment to set up a wine shelf, countertop wine racks, or a wall wine rack?

The best places for wine storage are areas away from direct sunlight and vibrations, such as a basement wine cabinet, dedicated wine room, or wine closet. For countertop wine racks and wall wine racks, choose locations with stable temperatures, minimal light exposure, and away from heavy foot traffic.

When deciding between metal wine racks and wood wine racks, what are the main differences in terms of aesthetics and durability?

Metal wine racks offer a modern and sleek design, making them perfect for contemporary spaces. They're durable and resistant to humidity. Wood wine racks, on the other hand, exude warmth and traditional charm, ideal for classic interiors. When crafted with quality, like ours at Wine Racks America, they last for years and can even enhance the ambiance of your wine cellar.

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