Small Wine Cellar Cooling Units

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Small Wine Cooling Systems

Thinking about adding a wine cellar cooling system to preserve your favorite vintages? If your wine room is 0-500 cubic feet, similar to a closet or pantry, our smaller self-contained cooling systems may just be the perfect choice for your wine cellar. These small wine cellar through-wall cooling systems are self-contained units that push fresh air through your wine cellar and release heat from behind it. These cooling systems maintain the ideal temperatures and humidity levels for your wine collection, allowing for proper storage and preservation. To learn more about which system is right for your space, please contact our Cellar Specialists at 866-568-0433.

    19 products
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    Small Wine Cooling Systems FAQs

    How to choose a small cooling unit?

    Choosing the proper small wine cellar cooling unit can be stressful without knowing the important factors prior to selecting. It’s first important to understand your wine cellar space and sizing. From there, you would take that room sizing and get an understanding of the room's current temperature and humidity levels. The ideal temperature and humidity levels for long-term wine storage and preservation is 45-65°, perfect being around 55°-60 and 50-70% humidity, with perfect being around 60%. The key to the perfect preservation is little to no fluctuation in your cellar temps and humidity. If your space can naturally maintain these levels, without a 6° temperature swing, your space may not even need a small cooling unit. However, we suggest you use our wine cellar cooling calculator to better understand your space’s heat load and other factors that play into proper wine storing.

    How to calculate heat load on a small wine cooling system?

    Calculating heat load prior to choosing a wine cooling system is important because it will help ensure you are choosing the right cooling system optimized for your space. By knowing the heat load, you can properly choose the right size cooling system which in turn will ensure energy efficiency, proper temperature control, will not overwork your cooling system and ultimately, optimize the performance for your wine cellar. Check out our cooling calculator tool to help you find and understand your heat load.

    What temperature should my smaller wine cellar be?

    Your wine cellar temperature should be between 45-65°, with the perfect temperature being around 55°. Humidity, on the other hand, is standardized for any situation and should be between 50% and 70%, depending on the area you live and your wine cellar’s location. A cooling system will help obtain and maintain these temperature levels for you. Some of our small wine cellar cooling units also have humidity control add-on options to ensure you are keeping both temperature and humidity at the proper levels for proper wine preservation.