Bin Extenders

Add above or below any instaCellar or CellarVue wine rack

Bin Extenders

Bin extenders add 13 1/2″ of height to any InstaCellar wine rack and can be installed above or below the main rack. Extenders are a popular option for customers who want a floor-to-ceiling wood racking installation. Add a soffet or crown molding along the top edge to create a beautiful, solid and built-in looking wine rack.

Stackable Wine Cellar Extender
Extends instaCellar™ racking to 8′ or 9′
Install above or below racking (or both)
Install above or below racking (or both)
Choose from softwood or hardwood
Choose from softwood or hardwood
Fully welded joints = super solid
Sturdy solid wood construction
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