Wine cellar design

Wine Cellar Design Trends for 2023

It’s the new year, which means out with the old and in with the latest modern wine cellar designs. In 2023, we are moving away from outdated and old-fashioned wine cellar designs. Now we are all about a sleek, modern, and contemporary style.

Gone are the days of hiding our wine away in the wine cellar. Now it’s all about displaying the bottles in full view like an art installation.

Here are some of the best wine cellar design trends for 2023.

Sleek Racking

Who said wine racks had to be boring? Modernize the way you store your wine by using sleek wine racks. There are plenty of different materials you can choose from, such as metals for a contemporary look or dark wood that will stand out against your light wall.

Your racking can run vertically, horizontally, or even in a slanted ascent—whichever you feel goes best in your home or retail outlet. Install your wine rack in your kitchen, dining area, or existing wine cellar.

The possibilities are endless with the wine cellar ideas.

LED Wine Cellar Lighting

wine cellar lighting

Create the ultimate modern wine cellar by adding LED lighting to the cellar. LED lighting is the best type to use in your wine cellar, as some lights can rearrange the chemical compounds in the wine if the temperature is too hot.

Placing the lights behind the wine bottles can create some stunning colors as the light hits the glass and can completely transform the look of the wine cellar. If you have a glass-enclosed wine cellar, the LED lighting will look spectacular—like an exhibit in a museum.

Climate-Controlled Wine Cellars

In 2023, we are all about properly caring for our wine collection, and that means making sure the temperature in the wine cellar is correct.

The ideal temperature to store wine should be between 55 and 60°F with a relative humidity level of 65 to 75%. Temperatures that are too high can disrupt the chemical reactions in the bottle, and temperatures that are too low can prevent proper aging.

So, whether you live in a cold or hot climate, you can have a climate-controlled wine cellar for homes and commercial settings. This is done by having cooling units in your wine cellar so that the inside temperature remains constant no matter what the outside temperature is.

Glass Wine Enclosures with Wood Flooring

glass wine enclosures

Modern and contemporary wine cellar design involves clean, open spaces with lots of transparency. Contemporary wine cellars are very popular this year, thanks to their glass walls—no more hiding your wine away.

Pair the glass wine cellar with wood flooring. This creates more emphasis on the bottles of wine than the wine cellar itself. To add some extra flair, add some LED lighting in your glass wine cellar.

Unconventional Wine Cellar Locations

Wine cellars don’t have to be hidden away in your basement. Have your wine cellar wherever you want it and incorporate it into your house. Make creative use of the space that you already have, or you can repurpose existing places like pantries or garages.

Install your wine in unconventional places like under the stairs, in the living room, or the closet, or you could have a kitchen wine cellar. There are plenty of under-stairs wine cellar ideas. You could, for example, have a glass-enclosed wine cellar under your stairs.

Create a statement piece by installing your wine cellar in the living room. Get creative and use it as a room divider. Thanks to cooling units inside the wine cellar, your wine cellar can go just about anywhere.

Mix and Match with Custom Wine Cellars and Racking

under stairs wine cellar
Why just stick to one style when you can dictate how you want your wine storage to look? When you choose to have a custom wine cellar and wine racks made, you get to decide what style and materials you want to use.

Custom wine cellars and wine racking allow you to be more flexible and include more of your personality into the design, which is perfect for both homeowners and commercial settings.

A popular trend in 2023 is to mix and match your wine racks. Mix metal wine racks with wooden wine racks to create some contrasting textures and colors.

Rustic Wine Cellars with Black Walls

Is there anything more dramatic than dark or black walls? Incorporate some dark walls into your wine cellar for a modern wine cellar. Pair the black or dark wall with a rustic wine cellar to create a dramatic look.

Rustic wine cellars can be achieved by using wood wine racks in natural or dark finishes and adding some glass elements and LED lighting to really make your wine cellar stand out.

Tips from Wine Cellar Experts

Here are some tips to use when thinking about your 2023 wine cellar:

Have a wide collection of wines.

If you are just starting your wine cellar, try filling it with a variety of different wines at first.

Ensure that the cellar door seal is well maintained.

Make sure that the sealing strip on the cellar door is cleaned often to provide a tight seal.

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