Building a Wine Cellar

7 Top Places for Building a Wine Cellar in Your Home

Owning a home gives you the perfect opportunity to start building that wine cellar you’ve always wanted. After all, what is a wine collector without a wine cellar?

The cellar is an important part of your collection. Not only does it provide you with proper space for storage, but it also has an effect on the overall feeling of your home.

7 Best Locations for Building a Wine Cellar

  1. Basement: The basement is the ideal location to store your wine collection. It provides a humid, cold, and dark environment, perfect for proper aging.
  2. Living room: If you don’t have a basement, don’t worry. You can build a cellar in your living room that can enhance your home’s aesthetics and provide ample space for your wine collection.
  3. Dining room: If you do not have a basement, another option is your dining room. You can easily transform one of the walls with wine racks without investing a lot of money.
  4. Under the stairs: Do you have a multi-story home? You can create a functional wine cellar under the stairs. Here, the cool and dark environment can provide the right conditions for wine aging.
  5. Hallway: Long hallways can sometimes feel empty. So, installing decorative and functional wine racks along the walls can transform the space. Just ensure there’s no direct light hitting your wine collection.
  6. Unused nook and cranny: Any unused space, whether small or big, can be turned into a beautiful wine cellar. If you have a broom closet no one is using, you can install a wine rack and start growing your collection.
  7. Guest bedroom: Do you have a spare bedroom? You can use it to create a wine cellar with room for growth. All you need to do is find the right racks and accessories to help your collection age properly.

Best Locations to Build a Wine Cellar

Building a Wine Cellar DIY: How to Build a Wine Cellar Room

Once you’ve finished the first step of choosing a location, you can start with the process of building your wine cellar.

These are the steps to follow for building your own wine cellar:

  1. Make the room leak-proof to have control of the humidity levels.
  2. Install some vapor barriers to keep the room at the right temperature.
  3. If possible, seal the floors with concrete.
  4. Measure the space available.
  5. Design your wine cellar and select racks, doors, and other necessary accessories.
  6. Install the door, ensuring there are no air leaks.
  7. Install the wine cellar cooling system of humidifiers.
  8. Add the finishing touches to your cellar.

Now that you know how to build a wine cellar, you can start the process. We’re here to help!

Luxury Wine Cellar Design in Your Basement

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