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A Unique Showcase of Beauty and Taste

When you think of traditional wine cellar locations, storing wine in a living room is not typically the first thing that comes to mind. However, with contemporary, modern, and minimalist design becoming all the more popular, going against the grain of design norms has become something many discerning homeowners and wine lovers prioritize when designing an at-home wine cellar. 

With the growing design interest in living room wall wine racks, creating a stunning way to incorporate the storage and display of your most prized bottles into your home’s decor has never been easier.

At Wine Racks America, we pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse of ever-changing home and wine storage design trends. Whether you are looking to build a living room wine cellar that turns your neighbors green with envy or simply want help deciding where to build your wine cellar that’s not just in your kitchen or basement, we’re here to guide you through all the possibilities and how we can make them a reality.

The Key to Success—and a Beautiful Living Room Wine Cellar—Is Planning

Simply deciding where to build your wine cellar or display is already a big step forward in the design process. Now that you’ve settled on building a living room wine cellar, there are a few points you need to keep in mind as you move towards deciding on the design. 

  • Size – Most living rooms are dedicated to entertainment and recreation. To build a quality living room wine cellar, you will need to demarcate a space that will be devoted to wine storage and display. Also think about how many bottles you plan to collect and display in this location. Make sure this space doesn’t interfere with the other uses of the room, while still being big enough to capture attention and house all your best bottles of wine. 
  • Passive wine display vs. controlled wine cellar – Will you be installing a wine cooling unit in your cellar to maintain your collection at optimum temperature and humidity? Should you opt for wall wine racks, and how will you keep the bottles cool enough to prevent spoilage? If considering a passive environment, choose a space in your living room away from direct sunlight and in a cooler corner. These are all important decisions to make before moving ahead with your design, as they will make or break the success of your living room wine storage. 
  • Design elements and lighting  A modern approach might include metal wine racks in a glass enclosure to give a sleek, contemporary feel. For those with a preference for a classic aesthetic, traditional wood wine racks offer warmth and timeless elegance. The selection of ambient, accent, and task lighting can dramatically transform the space, enhancing the visual appeal of your collection and adding depth to the cellar’s design. Wine Racks America's design experts can guide you in choosing the right materials and lighting options to match your personal style and the room's overall aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and striking wine display.
  • Budget – At Wine Racks America, we have a wine storage solution for every budget. Whether you want a simpler construction like turning a coat closet into a wine cellar or you’re leaning more toward an expansive glass wine enclosure, we provide complimentary 3D wine cellar designs and estimated costs to help you decide what living room wine storage solution will work best. 

Once you’ve considered these pre-planning factors, it’s time to get to the good part—drawing up the design of your living room wine cellar. 

A World of Infinite Options

There is no limit to the number of different designs, aesthetics, and layouts possible when it comes to building a living room wine cellar. Whether you want something simple or a never-before-seen wine cellar design sure to be the center of attention, working with a specialist in wine cellar design will enable you to bring these ideas to life. 

As wine storage design experts ourselves, here are some of our favorite living room wine cellar design ideas to get you started in the right direction: 

Passive Wine Wall Displays

A wine wall consists of several metal or wood wine racks installed to cover the entirety, or part of, one of your living room walls. Wine walls are a stunning visual statement and extremely accessible, making them an easy favorite among many wine collectors. However, it can be tricky to implement adequate climate control measures for a wine wall as the entire room will need to be cooled for it to be effective. Let’s drill down on the pros and cons of this option:



  • Easy access to your wine collection
  • Lower cost since you won’t be investing in a cooling unit and enclosure
  • Can be added almost anywhere in your home design to enhance your home’s aesthetics 
  • Need to choose a cooler location away from direct sunlight
  • Can only store/display wine for up to 6 months if not in a controlled environment
  • Not an option for the long-term aging of wine

Coat Closet Wine Cellars

The compact size of a coat closet, and its convenient location, make it the perfect choice for a conversion into a full-blown wine cellar. Simply install the right cooling system, replace coat racks with wine racks, and add in ambient and accent lighting to bring the room to life. For a little more wow factor, replace your wooden coat closet doors with a glass cellar door to put your unique wine storage choice on full display. Now that you know what’s possible with this option, let’s review the pros and cons to see if it’s right for you:



  • Easy to maintain the ideal wine storage climate with a dedicated cooling unit
  • Efficient use of space by repurposing a potentially underutilized coat closet
  • Enhances your home's interior design with a unique and attractive wine display
  • Ability to add a cooling system for longer preservation
  • Higher initial costs due to the need for a cooling system and renovations
  • Limited storage capacity, making it not suitable for extensive wine collections
  • Due to the size of the converted closet, it limits the ability to also serve as an entertainment space as a bigger cellar would allow

Glass Wine Enclosures

A third option is a glass-enclosed wine cellar, which offers a blend of modern design and practical functionality. A glass wine enclosure from Wine Racks America features insulated dual-pane glass for superior thermal efficiency, solid bronze frames for an unmatched level of architectural detail, and UV-protective glass to safeguard your wine. With a cooling unit and silicone weather stripping, these cellars are designed to maintain the ideal conditions for wine storage. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of opting for a glass wine enclosure:



  • Offers architectural elegance to enhance the visual appeal of your space
  • Superior insulation keeps your wine at the perfect temperature and humidity
  • UV protection shields wine from harmful light
  • Higher initial investment than simpler wine storage options
  • Installation can be complex, necessitating professional help
  • May demand more space, which could be a constraint in smaller homes

At Wine Racks America, we have over 20 years of experience in the wine cellar design and construction industry. That puts us in a unique position to help you make the best choices when it comes to your wine cellar design. 

If you’re ready to make the jump into the world of built-in wine cellars, get in touch with our team today so you can get the design and construction down to a tee right from the start.

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Complimentary Design Services

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