Liquor Storage Shelves

The need for liquor storage shelves has become more and more prominent in recent years. Our liquor storage solutions span more than just the typical wine storage. Just like wine storage, how you store your liquor is just as important to the aesthetics and functionality of your space. From liquor storage displays and liquor display shelves for your home bar or kitchen countertops to liquor storage cabinets for a full room or retail space buildout, we provide it all. Below, we will dive into the best use cases of each storage type and how to best store your liquors and spirits. Whether you’re wanting a small home bar or building out a full retail liquor storage space, Wine Racks America has the right solution for you.

How to Store Liquor Bottles

Unlike wine bottles that are best stored horizontally because it helps keep their corks moist, preventing the corks from drying out, which then can lead to oxidation and spoilage of the wine, liquor bottles don’t require the same storage method. Typically, liquor bottles have closures that are not susceptible to drying out, like plastic or metal, which allows you to vertically store your liquor bottles with no stress. However, it’s still important to keep your liquor storage away from UV exposure, similarly to your wine storage, to avoid the degrading of your liquor’s taste and quality. It’s best to avoid major temperature fluctuation in your liquor storage space, maintaining a consistent 60-70 temperature.

How to Display Liquor on a Bar

Ensuring your liquor storage is well organized not only allows for an aesthetic space, it also creates a functional environment, which is most ideal especially in professional bar spaces where there is constant use of the liquor bottles. Storing your bottles by type also creates a visually easy way to identify your liquor bottles. Our liquor storage shelves are best placed atop pro bars, home bars and kitchen countertops. Their tiered shelves allow for easy access and a true showcasing of all liquor bottles being stored. They can be combined with multiple shelves, allowing for a long row of shelves or use as a standalone storage solution to store a handful of spirits. Adding LED lighting behind the liquor shelves adds a fun visual element to your bar’s liquor storage and wouldn’t harm the quality of your liquors. 

Storing Liquor in Cabinets

If showcasing your liquor bottles isn’t the method you want to go, we also offer liquor storage cabinets that conceal your liquor collection. These cabinets come in 3 of our standard woods, Pine, Alder and Grand Mahogany and can be finished in any of our WineSafe™ stain color options. These liquor storage cabinets store your spirits in either horizontally or vertically, and are completely combinable with any InstaCellar™ or CellarVue™ storage solution buildout. Or simply place your liquor storage cabinet in any open spot or underneath your home bar. 

How to Build a Liquor Shelf Display

Building a liquor shelf display is very similar to building out a wine storage system. It’s important to consider your space, liquor collection size and your personal storage aesthetic. Start with measuring your space and working through your storage goals. Are you wanting to build a solution for a small space in your home bar or atop your kitchen countertop? Want to add a portion of liquor storage to a wine storage cellar space or are you needing to build a full retail or professional bar space with liquor shelves. Determining the size, shape and aesthetic preferences will help you decipher if simple liquor storage shelves would work or if you need a full buildout utilizing liquor cabinets. No matter what route you choose, our liquor displays work in all scenarios.  

Liquor Storage for Small Spaces

Even in limited spaces, creating liquor storage is possible and can be done in a creative, visually appealing way. Our countertop liquor displays are the best solution for small, compact spaces. Ranging from two to three tiers, these liquor shelves simply store your liquor bottles while showcasing them and giving easy, quick access for cocktail making. 

How to Design a Home Bar

Designing a home bar is a fairly simple process and can be done in a few easy steps. 

  1. Define the available space. Do you have an empty wall, unused counter space or butler’s pantry to convert? Want to transform a free room into a complete full home bar entertaining experience? Whatever your use case may be, start with measuring the available space you have. 
  2. Land on the aesthetics you want for your home bar. Are you wanting a moody space with a wooden liquor shelf or liquor storage cabinet finished in one of the darker stains such as burgundy or black? Are you wanting to convert a full room and pair it with  a unique wallpaper with pops of color? Maybe you would prefer more of a natural wood liquor display. Understanding the design aesthetic you are wanting for your liquor storage will help guide you what liquor displays to shop for.
  3. Ensure your space has optimal temperatures for your liquor storage. It’s important to maintain a temperature of 60-70 degrees specifically for your liquor storage to maintain the taste and integrity of your collection. 

If you are wanting to build a fully custom liquor storage solution, our expert designers at Wine Racks America are here to help. From the initial consultation discussing your space, needs and budget to enjoying the final product, our team is by your side every step of the way. From simple countertop liquor shelves to fully built out retail liquor displays, Wine Racks America has storage solutions for all of your liquor storage needs.

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Complimentary Design Services

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